Hello, I’m Nikola (like Tesla)

I’m an award-winning CPG marketer with 20+ years focused on brand strategy, product development, social media marketing and strategic partnerships. I’ve had the pleasure to lead marketing for top global brands like John Paul Mitchell Systems, P&G/Sebastian, Nexxus and Macy’s and have created 200+ products in my career- likely a few that you use and love today.  If you’ve enjoyed Paul Mitchell products at a Marriott hotel, I’m proud to say that is the result of my hard work.

Today, I run Brandettes and work with brands, celebrities and influencers on how to grow their businesses and create strategies for success. I also blog about trends, interview top global brands and give expert advice right here, on the Brandettes blog. When I’m not working, I like to soak up the sun with my husband and son in Palm Springs, add to my sneaker collection and run (at a snail’s pace).


Yeah, I get that a lot. The Brandettes name came from my husband (he’s still hinting for royalties) and seemed to be the perfect fit when my longtime collaborator (and most talented partner-in-crime), Christina Marcaccini and I started to blog. You can read the full story here. After all, an own-able name is the foundation of a memorable brand.

For a look inside my colorful adventures, sneaker obsession and street art appreciation, follow me on Instagram @brandettes.

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Main photo credit: Lish Creative