Case Study: Apricot Lane Farms Website

The Client:

Apricot Lane Farms is a 214-acre certified organic, biodynamic, and regenerative organic farm located in Moorpark, California. Founded by Molly and John Chester in 2011, the farm is the realization of their collective vision to connect food and ecosystems, believing that our health and that of our planet relies on a biodiverse, symbiotic system. They are also the farm and film team behind the multi-award-winning documentary film, The Biggest Little Farm.

And it’s the sharing of their story through the film that created a buzz around Apricot Lane Farms. People from all over the world saw an in-depth look into their world and wanted to learn more!

The Opportunity:

Following the success of The Biggest Little Farm in 2019, the farm saw an opportunity to update its website to satisfy a few different, and equally important, objectives. First and foremost, the site needed to be deeply rooted in education, bringing forward information and resources that Apricot Lane Farms’ social community had been requesting, especially after seeing the film. The site also needed to be modernized to effectively manage e-commerce sales of merchandise and tickets for seasonal tours. And finally, to showcase the incredible farm team and be able to showcase the farm’s apprentice program and job opportunities. 

A longtime client of Brandettes,  Apricot Lane Farms’ internal team worked together with our group to design a brand new website and develop content that would not only capture the beauty of the farm but also offer the opportunity for their audience to connect with the farm’s growing community.

apricot lane farms logo sign
screenshot of the home page

The Process:

Those who learned about Apricot Lane Farm’s lemonade product development project already know that every Brandettes project starts with getting to know our client’s story so that the result is authentic and connects with their audience on an emotional level. 

With an emphasis on creating a website that would allow visitors to experience the farm as if they were there in person, we took the next step of outlining a comprehensive list of goals that would guide the process in that direction. Images of the farm, its team, and all the cute animals topped the list, of course, but things like interactive and e-commerce features, social media integration, and educational content were given high priority as well.

Collaborating with Amy Risley at Risley Studio, we set out to create a customized and responsive design with a backend platform in WordPress that would allow for easy updates and for the site to evolve alongside the farm.

The Results:

apricot lane farms interactive farm map
apricot lane farms website shop page
screenshot of the page about the Biggest Little Farm film
apricot lane farms recipe web page

One of the many site features that we’re most proud of today includes the cornerstone interactive farm map. Whimsically illustrated by a member of the Apricot Lane Farm’s team, it gives both a macro and micro view of the farm and its entire ecosystem, allowing visitors to lead their own tour of the farm while exploring each area and being further guided towards various learning materials (many viewers of the film expressed interest in starting their own farm).

This user-led design convention seamlessly allowed for the integration of features that are fundamental to the farm’s business—namely, an enhanced e-commerce platform for the sale of merchandise and thousands of in-person farm tour tickets, integrated social media links, and email capture to improve communication with their audience.

The result is an immersive website experience that showcases the best of Apricot Lane Farms and provides a myriad of resources and opportunities for visitors to fully experience and participate in the farm’s vision and community, and raise awareness and sales of the farm and its merchandise.

The website successfully launched in early 2021, followed by the introduction of Apricot Lane Farms Orange Blossom Honey Lemonade in the summer of 2021.

Client Experience:

“We’re thrilled with the brand new Apricot Farms Lane website that has provided us a way to further share our little (big) farm and grow our community.”

Love the Apricot Lane Farms website? Let’s work together to create one for you!

Photos: Courtesy of Apricot Lane Farms

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