Founded in 2015, Brandettes is a different kind of agency. We get it, budgets are skinny, timing is tight and you need experts who can zero in on what matters. Our team works with startups, VC, private equity & turnaround brands, internationally, to strategize, program and execute marketing plans to support company goals. We specialize in consumer products- beauty, lifestyle, food, natural products, and hospitality- with the demonstrated success you can count on.


Just a Few of the Incredible Brands We’ve Worked With

luxury hair care #1 most recognized beauty product brand

What We Know to Be True

1. Inspiring emotion is EVERYTHING in great marketing
2. Listen to your target market. It doesn’t really matter if YOU like it.
3. If we’ve learned one lesson- there is no silver bullet
4. Never forget that social media is, indeed, supposed to be social.
5. More fun, less fantasy, is a recipe for success
6. Of course you’re in love with your own brand. Others need to be too.

7. Grit is an essential ingredient in brand building
8. Roll-up-your-sleeves tactical marketing will always win
9. Make it a habit to research beyond your own industry
10. You are who you hang with- so choose kind, curious, honest & fun
11. New packaging, no matter how cool it is, will not sell itself
12. You need headspace, a walk or a room of your own. Take a break.