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Growth-Minded Marketing for The Biggest Little Farm

Apricot Lane Farms

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Apricot Lane Farms is a 214-acre certified organic, biodynamic and regenerative organic farm located in Moorpark, California. Founded by Molly and John Chester in 2011, the farm is the realization of their collective vision to connect food and ecosystems, believing that our health and that of our planet relies on a biodiverse, symbiotic system. They are also the farm and film team behind the multi-award-winning documentary film, The Biggest Little Farm.

Cross-Channel Marketing, Website Development, Product Development, Complete Outsourced Marketing, Media Buying, SEO

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Cross-Channel Marketing

A longtime client of Brandettes, we work on a wide variety of projects- from product development to social media marketing and website development. Through this seamless partnership, we’re able to capture the essence of the farm but also stay productive while helping to grow their community to more than half a million across all social channels.

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Website Development

With an emphasis on creating a website that would allow visitors to experience the farm as if they were there in-person, our 2021 site refresh brought in additional interactive and e-commerce features, social media integration, and high-priority educational content as well.
Collaborating with Amy Risley at Risley Studio, we created a customized and responsive design, powered by WordPress, that would allow for easy updates and accommodate the farm’s evolution.

Product Development

With the international success and buzz from The Biggest Little Farm, it was the perfect time to introduce a new beverage program to the farm’s current offerings. Brandettes managed the complete development, design and development of Apricot Lane Farm’s Orange Blossom Honey Lemonade, and we continue to manage its supply, distribution and marketing. Plus, spoiler alert, more products are on their way!
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Complete Outsourced Marketing

From social media to website development, product development and media relations, Brandettes is proud to be a full-service resource for the farm. In the years that we’ve worked with them, their growth has skyrocketed, and they now have a loyal following that spans the globe.

Social Media Strategy

Making the most of the momentum behind the release of The Biggest Little Farm, Brandettes helped to strategize and execute social interaction during the pre-release festivals circuit and through the global film release. Engaging with fans, celebrities and media, we helped amplify awareness and build a loyal following across the major social platforms.
apricot lane farms media buying

Media Buying

Our strategic approach to media buying has evolved as the farm’s needs have changed. In the beginning, we channeled an awareness mindset to grow the audience and build buzz. As the community and product lines have grown, so has our strategy and focus on conversion and campaign profitability.


As with any digital marketing program, we find it essential to integrate on and off page SEO best practices. Our digital team works closely with the farm and their media partners to proactively manage our internal properties and generate meaningful backlinks whenever possible.

"We've had a long-term relationship with Nikola and Brandettes and highly recommend their marketing, product development and strategy services. They've been essential in expanding our product line, managing all aspects of design, logistics and promotion. Can't recommend them enough!"

- Apricot Lane Farms Leadership Team