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TV-Famous Dermatologist Develops His Own Brand

Incognito Celebrity Dermatologist

When brand initiatives are pre-launch or the brand doesn’t want to tip off the competition, we include their case study “incognito”.

Ready to tap into his growing audience and national name recognition, this mega-famous celebrity dermatologist approached us with a ground-up opportunity we couldn’t refuse. With several quality-rich products in mind, he was ready to create his own brand, develop a fully-integrated ecommerce platform and leverage his celebrity clients to help promote his brand. Influencer-friendly and media savvy, this celeb derm is positioned for social-driven success.

Keyword Optimization, Brand Strategy + Positioning, Branding + Graphic Design, Cross-Channel Marketing

incognito celebrity dermatologist branded products keyword optimization

Keyword Optimization

As a first step we initiated a thorough review of keyword opportunities for the new brand. We reviewed opportunities surrounding positioning, product type, ingredient, system, problem/solution and “free forms” to come up with a list of keyword targets with the greatest opportunity for amplification. This data, combined with trend reports, category statistics and overall consumer lifestyle trends helped flavor Brandettes’ approach to the brand’s position.
celebrity dermatologist brand strategy positioning incognito

Brand Strategy + Positioning

We built out the brand architecture to house current product ideas and areas for future development. Next, we focused the brand positioning, potential taglines, mission and vision around the brand, including keywords and nuances from the architecture and ingredient innovation.

Cross-Channel Marketing Programs

Looking to launch his entire collection at once, Brandettes understood education must be at the heart of the entire brand experience. We scoped out his D2C experience and planned out the navigation for his online shop before providing plans for launch and ongoing marketing to attract and convert his ideal audience. This included a media, micro influencer and social media plan to build on the established (and recognized) celebrity derm’s name.

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