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Revolutionizing Hair Color Through Technology


CLICS is a game changer in the world of professional beauty. Created by two serial innovators, the brand is the perfect marriage of creativity and technology, with a business model that changes the relationship between salon and brand. One of the most exciting brands in professional beauty today, Brandettes supported the brand’s early development through launch.

Brand Strategy + Positioning, Product Development, Copywriting, Packaging Design, Cross-Channel Marketing Programs, Creative Media Production

clics modern professional hair color brand

Brand Strategy + Positioning

With CLICS’ innovation at the forefront, Brandettes worked with the founders to form a complete brand strategy. The target audience development here was key- our 20+ years working in professional beauty armed us with the experience and knowledge needed to create a warm, inviting brand persona to uniquely appeal to licensed hairdressers and salon owners.

clics consumer brand packaging design

Packaging Design

Focusing on CLICS unique packaging needs for permanent hair color, we worked with several different graphic design resources to color code and execute the unique canister label designs, giving each sku its own unique punch.

Product Development

The not-so-sexy side of developing the brand (but exceptionally important), we were happy to support Team CLICS in navigating the accurate transition of INCI, stability testing, regulatory compliance, UPC designation and production design.

clics consumer brand hair product development
clics consumer brand hair copywriting


From overarching brand presentations to marketing support (both on and offline), we created a uniquely creative and educational voice to help showcase CLICS’ groundbreaking innovation and first-of-its-kind business model.

clics hair color Cross channel marketing programs

Cross-Channel Marketing Programs

From digital first initiatives to in-person regional education events, Brandettes designed a tactical cross channel marketing program to support the overarching brand strategy that was far reaching, yet highly specialized. Bringing forward the founder’s unique vision and commitment to the industry was key, as well as strategizing opportunities to build relationships with current and prospective salons.

Creative Media Production

To support website, social media and pre-launch event activations, Brandettes provided creative content and digital media to quench the thirst of CLICS growing creative community. Colorful and full of fully-saturated images and rich textures, we helped to amplify the CLICS vision and engage the brand’s rapidly developing national audience.

clics consumer brand hair creative media production

"We have been lucky enough to have Brandettes as our guidepost for all things marketing for several years. In that time Nikola has provided great direction and leadership, bringing new ideas followed up with effective execution. Nikola is a seasoned executive that has helped create a clear framework for CLICS brand identity. I highly recommend her for strategic and tactical marketing support."

- Charles Brown, CEO of CLICS Hair Color