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A California-Cool Brand Identity

Indigo Salon Studio

Indigo is a modern, wellness-focused salon studio in Silicon Valley, CA, led by owner and award-winning educator Dana Taylor. Dana was in the process of re-imagining their guest experience and needed a brand identity that matched their new vision. She came to Brandettes to reinvent their brand logo and we were honored to team up with her group.

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indigo brand identity logo full color design

The Opportunity

Reinventing your brand’s identity is no simple task. Actually, it’s possible that the decision to do so in the first place, to accept the undertaking and dive headfirst into the work, might be the biggest part of the challenge. 

When Dana Taylor came to Brandettes to partner on her brand logo refresh, we knew it had come with a significant amount of forethought. She’d been living with her business’ original logo design for some time and was looking for a comprehensive new brand identity package to match a new set of growth objectives as she evolved her business. The new logo would be the impetus to kick off a multitude of projects such as logo wear, a website re-do, brand imagery and an updated social strategy.-

indigo original logo
Original Logo
indigo new logo
New Logo

Brand Strategy + Positioning

At Brandettes, most of our new client work starts with a brand questionnaire. We worked with Dana to truly understand her vision for the evolution of Indigo, and how that translates into the guest experience. Indigo’s goal is to inspire confidence and creativity by recognizing and enhancing one’s natural beauty. With a focus on client wellness, we wanted to make sure we created the right logo, color palette and iconography to effectively communicate to new and existing guests what Indigo delivers.

indigo branding graphic design color palette

Branding + Graphic Design

With the brand goals, ethos, creative inspiration and target audience defined, it was time to get to work. We created four concepts, each satisfyingly diverse in their color palette, font and overall style.  Ultimately, Dana chose to move forward with Concept 1, a pallet of warm, retro surf-inspired colors brought together with a flourish of expression over the “o”. The playfulness of the colors brings the California coastal vibe to life with a vaguely retro twist.

indigo social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

Indigo is uniquely active on social media. Dana regularly posts finished looks, inspiration and engages Indigo’s audience through Instagram. Knowing she needed social content, we put together a strategy guide as well as icons and textures that could be used across her social channels of choice.

Ready for a new brand identity?

Brandettes’ team of experts are ready to collaborate on a clever brand identity package that clearly communicates with your target audience. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to meet our team, review your goals and get started. Brandettes is a branding agency focused on consumer packaged goods brands (CPG), your ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd.

“Nikola and her team exceeded my expectations creating a logo and social media plan for me that I could immediately implement to grow my business. When I started working with Brandettes I had no idea how comprehensive it would be. From the color palette to the social media plan they really got who I am, who my client is and what I am trying to accomplish with my business. They provided me with options and asked for feedback every step of the way to ensure I was satisfied with the work. I learned so much and look forward to working together again on future projects.” 

Dana Taylor, Indigo