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Leading the Way in Tattoo Preservation

INK The Original

Disproportionately disruptive, in less than 12 months, INK the original became the #1 brand of choice for tattoo preservation, among tattoo artists and consumers alike. The brand, founded by the legendary David Lee Roth of Van Halen, was the first to initiate the tattoo preservation conversation in today’s omni-channel market. INK the original is a full collection of balms, sticks, lotions, body washes and sunscreens designed to fight tattoo fade.

Brand Strategy + Positioning, Product Development, Cross-Channel Marketing, Influencer/Affiliate Campaigns, eCommerce, SEO, Media Relations

Brand Strategy + Positioning

Working collaboratively with Mr. Roth, Brandettes crafted a brand positioning program that included all concepting, target market development, innovation story and distribution strategy to support the introduction of INK. With over 2 billion individuals tattooed worldwide, and their biggest challenge being tattoo fadage, the opportunity to become a category trailblazer was ever present and growing.

ink tattoo david lee roth van halen

Product Development

INK is a collection of balms, sticks, lotions, body washes and sunscreens designed to fight tattoo fade in a style all its own. Brandettes helped conceptualize and direct product innovation with a focus on color, texture and dry down to help differentiate INK from being just another sunscreen or moisturizer. The result? True category innovation that drives rave reviews from the media and INK loyalists.

Cross-Channel Marketing

With INK, Brandettes supported the brand as its outsourced, contracted CMO. Overseeing all channel activity from brand-owned ecom properties, to working collaboratively with sales on distribution development, we directed all aspects of the marketing strategy, budget and execution.-

ink original tattoo consumer product collection
ink original social media influencer affiliate campaigns​

Influencer/Affiliate Campaigns

Reaching a specific (tattooed) audience was essential in building brand awareness and driving direct sales. We quickly developed a robust affiliate program and worked collaboratively with media relations to maximize the program through public relations efforts. Additionally, we strategized and managed multi-pronged micro, mid-level and high-follower tastemaker engagements for product promotion, brand awareness and partnership programs.

ink original eCommerce online shopping product bundles​


Brandettes helped to oversee brand experience, product listings and reviews to drive increased conversions. We optimized product bundles, cross promotions, subscriptions and outreach campaigns designed to convert new visitors and drive maximum loyalty for those who fell in love with INK.


Brandettes wrote and refined product copy and descriptions to maximize on-page SEO opportunities, synergizing with the brand’s paid media program. Off-page activities tied in to media placement and the affiliate program helped generate a wide network of essential links from top performing global and national sites.

ink original tattoo brightner product

Media Relations

Vogue, The New York Times and Fast Company are among the many outlets that covered the launch of INK The Original. Leveraging stellar media coverage like this, we amplified the placements through website placements, email marketing and paid media across social platforms.

ink tattoo david lee roth van halen

131 Totally Uncensored Minutes With David Lee Roth, From His New Tattoo Skin-Care Line to the Secret of Van Halen

“The experience [of getting a tattoo] is daunting. You don’t take it lightly.”

Fast Company logo
ink original fast company media pr article

Van Halen’s David Lee Roth wants to protect your tattoos with a line of aftercare products

“The colorful musician and erstwhile emergency medical technician has turned his energies to helping people maintain their skin, while doing his part to save the planet.”

ink original new york times media pr article

Is David Lee Roth the Estée Lauder of Tattoos

“The Van Halen rocker has a new skin care line for people with tattoos. Just don’t call it a celebrity thing.”

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