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Korean Sauces Get a Pop Culture Twist

When brand initiatives are pre-launch or the brand doesn’t want to tip off the competition, we include their case study “incognito.”

Gen Z is known for writing their own stories and carving out their own path in life. In this case, it’s the same with brand building. So when a group of friends got together to brainstorm their brand, their goal was to take the traditional Korean foods they’d grown up with, and make them accessible and exciting for a new generation that embodied values they also shared. They came to Brandettes, ordering up more color, pop-culture iconography and a heavy dose of clever marketing to appeal to an entirely new audience. We were happy to deliver.

Brand Development, Packaging Design, Marketing

incognito hot sauce brand strategy positioning

Brand Strategy + Positioning

We got to work creating a high-impact brand position that focused on fewer words with more meaning. Looping in tradition with a clever, modern twist, Brandettes delivered positioning, About Us copy and a host of tagline options for the overall brand and specific campaigns.

incognito hot sauce brand packaging design

Packaging Design

Going into the packaging design process, we understood and wanted to adhere to the brand’s skinny budget. We brought in stock packaging components that were readily available and dressed them up with durable, but eco-minded labels flooded with color and Kpop-inspired typography elements.

Cross-Channel Marketing Programs

Leveraging social media to make this D2C-centric brand stand out, we put together a vertically integrated marketing program that calenderized their pre-launch, launch and post-launch growth activities across a variety of platforms. Additionally, we focused marketing activities on awareness and acquisition, setting the brand up to optimize their landing pages in advance of paid media spend.

incognito hot sauce brand cross channel marketing

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