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Going All-In on a Gen Z Makeover

LA Fresh

One of our favorite projects to date, the LA Fresh brand refresh completely reimagined a commodity brand into a collectible.
The brand held a leadership position in the hospitality industry for quite some time and came to Brandettes to help guide a reinvention that positioned the brand for future growth and new distribution opportunities. With Gen Z as our collective target market, we set out to reimagine the brand, products, product names and brand experience into the ultimate Instagram-ready line.

Brand Strategy + Positioning, Packaging Design, Creative Media Production, Cross-Channel Marketing, Web Development, Branding + Graphic Design

la fresh makeup remover collectable gen z

Brand Strategy + Positioning

Brandettes worked with the internal marketing and sales leadership to conduct a full brand sku review and rationalization, revisiting products and sizing to optimize for the future. We evaluated brand architecture and categorized as needed.
During the next project phase, we updated the brand positioning, visual and verbal guidelines to effectively attract the Gen Z market. As a team, both our agency and the internal brand stakeholders fell for the visual direction in a big way, so much so that we REALLY leaned it to it to drive the next phase of the revamp- the package design.

la fresh packaging design wipes

Packaging Design

We focused on a square 1:1 format for the package because it’s the most  Insta-friendly shape. Brandettes created copy guidelines, refreshed product copy and created gram-worthy headlines for each product. Sneaker wipes…now Step it up. Mosquito repellant transitioned to Quit Bugging Me. Fun, friendly and perfect for our audience.
We tapped graphic design and typography talent Adam Grason of Studio Grason to bring each unique package to life. His work is wildly creative, inventive and was perfect for helping LA Fresh stand out in today’s crowded online market.

Creative Media Production

We worked with frequent collaborator Alisha Cohen of LISH Creative to shoot photo, video and stop motion content for the brand. As an influencer herself, Alisha not only brought her talent as a photographer, but her social media-savvy eye to bring the content to life.
We created custom propping for each setup, bringing the new packaging  to life in an exaggerated scale.

la fresh creative media production lish creative
la fresh social media marketing campaigns

Cross-Channel Marketing Programs

As a final step in our project with the LA Fresh brand refresh, we worked with the company’s internal marketing leadership to craft a cross-channel marketing plan to launch and support ongoing business development. Repackaging alone does not generate success, it must be matched with a portfolio of support to drive brand awareness and ROI. It’s been fantastic to see LA Fresh expand their (now colorful) reach into alternative ecommerce channels, hospitality and more.

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