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Remodeling a Pro Hair Care Brand for the Future

Incognito Pro Hair Care

When brand initiatives are pre-launch or the brand doesn’t want to tip off the competition, we include their case study “incognito”.

This leading hair care brand approached us with seriously big goals and a condensed timeline. They’d been in the market for over a decade and were overdue for an evolution. However, with a new leadership team in place and aggressive growth milestones established, the slight shift quickly turned into a significant overhaul. Outdated packaging and a lack of identity had their target market overlooking their transformational (some might even say magical) products.  It was time to change that.

Keyword Optimization, Brand Strategy + Positioning, Branding + Graphic Design, Cross-Channel Marketing

incognito hair care beauty brand development keyword optimization

Keyword Optimization

As with most strategy projects, we initiated a deep dive into the keywords the brand and its competitors ranked for, and compared that to the product attribute, hair type, hair color, lifestyle and ingredients their target audience was searching for. This data, combined with trend reports, category statistics and overall consumer lifestyle trends fuels Brandettes’ approach to the brand’s position and forward strategy.

incognito hair care beauty brand strategy positioning

Brand Strategy + Positioning

This brand, like many we see, had an opportunity for a standout and entirely relevant brand positioning approach but had overshot it in favor of focusing on ingredients. During the positioning and strategy phase of the project, we re-focused the brand towards their target market, crafting a new positioning strategy that truly spoke to their customer needs, wants and desires. We also introduced a sense of delight, joy and come-as-you-are inclusion into their brand communications, helping to develop a community voice that speaks to today’s market and tomorrow’s customers.
Product names were refined according to keyword data and a complete brand architecture. We also conducted a sku rationalization to support these efforts.

Branding + Graphic Design

Starting with multiple brand, product and logo mood boards, we quickly narrowed down to a modern, color-saturated program that would flow throughout the brand’s product packaging, marketing materials, digital experience and promotional efforts. A clever new, movement-rich logo was created and packaging wireframes for 10 product categories were introduced. It was important, when introducing the new packaging silhouette, that we chose something timeless and ultra-functional, so the internal creative team could take the designs and apply them to all skus both now and in the future.

incognito hair care beauty branding graphic design
incognito hair care beauty cross channel marketing

Cross-Channel Marketing Programs

Brandettes worked collaboratively with the internal marketing department to craft an overarching cross-channel marketing program that helped them zero-in on the channels that would offer the highest rate of conversion. The brand was new to ecommerce and wanted to foster a deeper relationship with their core customer. By focusing their time, effort and resources on the right channels, they were able to say no to activities that were outdated or irrelevant to their ultimate goal. We also assisted the brand in creating tools that would help create content and voice continuity across various social media channels and through their ad programs. We’re proud to continue our work with this brand as they prepare for launch- and beyond!

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