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Strategy for an Iconic Collaboration

Incognito Iconic Collaboration

When brand initiatives are pre-launch or the brand doesn’t want to tip off the competition, we include their case study “incognito”.

It was a match made for modern times- a legendary Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame icon and a globally recognized DJ, coming together to remix one of the most famous rock songs of the last 40 years. To support the pre-release buzz and amplification of this once-in-a-lifetime collaboration, Brandettes jumped in strategically and tactically to make the most of this unique opportunity.

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case study legendary rock band

Brand Strategy

From the start of the project, we strategized alongside the musicians to make sure the messaging and activations laddered up to our overall goals and a catered to a specific target audience.

incognito legendary rock band cross channel marketing programs

Cross-Channel Marketing Programs

Seeing an opportunity to amplify the collaboration through an omni-channel experience, we mapped out a calendar of social media postings, media engagements, in-person events and product giveaways that circled back to the iconic artist’s brand involvement.

Media Relations

Brandettes worked collaboratively with the artists, management, event staff and media outlets to coordinate interviews. From strategizing the right outlets for the limited interview sessions to following up with media assets, we made sure the month’s long activation was well-thought-out and executed to perfection.

incognito legendary rock band media relations

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