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Changing the World’s Perception of Baldness


We were thrilled to support MANTL in its goal to shatter the stereotypes and stigma around baldness. Founders Pete, Irene and Karamo have created a supportive community, innovative products and a confidence-boosting brand that empowers people to live their best lives and free themselves from baggage.

Brand Development, Marketing

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Brand Strategy + Positioning

Motivated by mission, Brandettes worked with the brand in its pre-launch stage to help define its brand position, brand name, identity, mission and values. The journey for many going bald is filled with shame and self-esteem shattering stereotypes, so helping the brand articulate its game changing position was essential.

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For MANTL, we focused on creating an inclusive, motivational and educational brand voice. We produced a “words to use, words to lose” list that helped guide all brand marketing materials and activations moving forward, being careful to create a tone that was welcoming to the community the brand serves.

Creative Media Production

During the pre-launch awareness building period, Brandettes helped create and curate social content to draw the brand’s target audience in. Through aspirational visuals, celeb style and custom quotes, we helped to build a highly engaged community across multiple platforms.

"Nikola and her group at Brandettes were incredibly valuable in building our marketing and social media. Not only did they provide a plan and brand guidance, but also they helped execute on many of our initiatives. Highly recommended."