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Fueling Adventures with Pursue Bars

Pursue Bars

Mountain (4x5)Pursue Bars is passionate about sharing the joy of everyday adventure. What started as a dream in a humble San Jose home, has transformed into a thriving, California-based company where the founder’s core promise remains the same: everybody deserves no-nonsense, well-balanced nutrition. Formulated in small batches in sunny Los Angeles, Pursue Bars makes products with thoughtfully sourced ingredients, balanced nutrition, and a whole lot of love. Brandettes supported the brand with full development including a keyword roadmap, branding, package design, creative media and Shopify website development. We loved bringing this tasty protein bar to life with its founder.


Brand Strategy + Positioning, Copywriting + Naming, Branding + Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Website Development

Brand Strategy + Positioning

Brandettes embarked on a dynamic journey to craft a distinctive brand strategy and positioning for Pursue Bars. Through keyword and competitive research, we explored key motivations and challenges in the crowded protein bar category. Using these insights, we defined a compelling story for the brand that sets Pursue Bars apart from the competition and focuses on white space opportunities. By strategically positioning the brand as an everyday balanced solution with a focus on simple, quality ingredients, we moved away from the overblown (and complicated) nutritional claims of competitors and streamlined communications.

Bar GDUSA smaller

Branding + Graphic Design

We were inspired to go bold. The purple-led color palette is electric, with secondary tones brought in to denote category and flavor. Brandettes delivered a comprehensive branding package, including logo, texture, iconography and branded marks. The logo conveys the brand’s playful and active lifestyle while clean and modern fonts highlights the wholesome ingredients within the bar. Graphic flourishes were added to connotate motion and movement, that we then animated to enhance the digital experience.

Packaging Design

Winner of the GDUSA Packaging Design Award 2023! Aimed at creating a memorable impression in a crowded category, we explored playful graphics, vibrant colors, and imaginative illustrations for the first bar in the brand’s collection, Chocolate Chip Crisp. Our Creative Director’s goal was to make the protein bar not just a nutritional necessity, but a source of delight and excitement. More flavors are on their way, and we can’t wait to unleash our creativity on these yummy new bars.

Pursue Midnight

Creative Media Production

Brandettes worked with longtime creative media partner, LISH Creative, to concept and shoot a 30-second video that brought Pursue’s brand values to life. The video was then edited into shorter segments and employed throughout the brand’s digital platforms, while still shots were taken for the brand’s social media, Shopify site and other sales and marketing programs.

Website Development

Simple, effective and SEO-rich, Brandettes built and launched Pursue’s Shopify site. The Shopify website serves as a visual storefront, providing a seamless platform for consumers to order easily online. The high-impact digital space not only showcases the protein bars, but also fosters a sense of community and connection with the audience. Built to expand, as Pursue’s product collection increases we can easily expand the site to accommodate growth.

Desk (16x9) cropped

“First off, I just want to say wow! The packaging concepts are amazing. I love the color, design and everything about them…” 

-Thinh Tran, Founder, Pursue Bars