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How to Succeed as an On-Air QVC Spokesperson

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It goes without saying that a dynamo spokesperson can be worth their weight in gold.  But as it is with everything, determining a good spokesperson can be subjective. The style that resonates with me won’t necessarily work for you.  So unless you are a known personality with credibility and a big following, there isn’t a perfect formula. The only thing I know for sure?  You must exude PASSION. QVC loves to put the product developer or company founder on air because their passion and story is real and comes from the heart.  And that passion has the potential to be multiplied over 90 million times!

So here are a few QVC success tips to keep in mind:

  1. Share your story.  Every brand has a reason for being.  Make sure you present yours in a way that can have real meaning to the viewer.  You want them rooting for you and your brand!
  2. Establish your credibility.  If you are new to QVC, provide the host with a strong intro about yourself.  Or ask them to intro you by sharing your latest and greatest product PR mention.
  3. Connect with your host. One of the most valuable things you and the host can achieve is to tap into our innate need to be social. Viewers want it to feel like they are watching two friends shop together. This happens by having a conversational, personal tone with each other. So if you have to, just follow the host’s lead and fake it!
  4. Communicate your product benefits.  Focus on repeating the same key benefits over and over.  Three times during the sell is ideal!
  5. Look the part.  Make sure your appearance – hair, makeup and clothing is a reflection of the brand/product you are selling.  Skip the smokey eye if you are selling skincare!
  6. Don’t take it personally. QVC gives great feedback after each on-air sell, but they don’t sugar coat. It’s never easy to get criticism, especially when it’s about something you’re pouring your heart and soul into.  So try not to take it personally!  QVC wants to see you succeed.

Remember, it’s live television, so it shouldn’t feel staged (even though it sort of is). Here’s a few more QVC success tips on how to master the on air sell and help your product stand out amongst the competition.




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