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Inside The Slime Trend- How Goo is Growing Big Brands

Unicorn Slime feature

Unicorn poop, mermaid goo and sequined squid ink. No, they’re not the latest group of pop art emojis, they’re part of the hotter than hot slime trend creating a fever pitch on social media. Slime first crept on to tween’s Instagram feeds last summer. Colorful creations fueled by kid’s summer downtime and fantastic imaginations, that have now grown into an […]

Intro to Emotional Branding- Great Brands Feel vs. Think

emotional branding feature

Emotional branding is real, ever-present and the most poignant way to connect with any audience. I believe that with my whole heart. Brands that resonate with their core audience call upon big “feels” to connect their message, product or ideals, and inspire that audience to then take action. Whether the motivation digs deep or hits a superficial […]

Country & Coasters @ Dollywood

WE FlyingHighFullRide feature

Bold, blonde and incredibly business savvy, it’s nearly impossible not to admire Dolly Parton. Her creativity and talent has touched hearts and inspired minds for over 40 years through music, movies, literature, amusement park attractions, resorts and so much more. She’s sold over 100 million records, worldwide, and is the most awarded and celebrated female […]

Your Brand Story Is Not A Fairytale

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Today more than ever, brands earn trust through authenticity. It’s true. Weaving fantastical stories together to offer a false sense of promise is no longer customary in the world of marketing. Using specific hair pomade won’t get you the girl and cigarettes are definitely not doctor endorsed, as 1960’s advertising would have had you believe. […]