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Commodity- Crafting the Future of Fine Fragrance

Commodity 100ml Black 1

In 2014, a chance meeting in a London café between entrepreneurs Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash Huzenlaub (below, left to right) led to, what has become, the global premium fragrance brand Commodity. Serial entrepreneur Glasmacher, known for creating disruptive startups from scratch (Hautelook and Sole Society, both now part of Nordstrom), along with Huzenlaub who has worked with CPG […]

Branding by Blood Type

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At Brandettes, we are fascinated with the future and constantly working to incorporate developing trends into our brands. While there are always a lot of unknowns, one thing is very clear – as science and technology continue to evolve, everything from our healthcare to our diet to our beauty regimen will become more personalized. We’ve […]

Commodity Fragrances- Behind the Brand

Commodity 100ml Black 6

We discovered Commodity fragrances via an article in Fast Company in early 2014, then experienced the brand’s Fitting Kit, and have had a high school-like crush on the scents ever since. And what’s not to love? Simply beautiful packaging, sophisticated fragrances and a fresh approach to marketing. After a late 2014 relaunch by two London based entrepreneurs, Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash […]

3 Brands You Need To Check Out ASAP


The perfect brand, for me, is one that offers a whole lot of style with an equal dose of value. Every once in a while you find a brand that’s offering that up, but hasn’t seem to reach mass appeal quite yet. J. Crew used to be that brand for me, circa 2010, when most […]