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Inside The Slime Trend- How Goo is Growing Big Brands

Unicorn Slime feature

Unicorn poop, mermaid goo and sequined squid ink. No, they’re not the latest group of pop art emojis, they’re part of the hotter than hot slime trend creating a fever pitch on social media. Slime first crept on to tween’s Instagram feeds last summer. Colorful creations fueled by kid’s summer downtime and fantastic imaginations, that have now grown into an […]

Cat Cafes, For Caffeine & Cuddles

cat cafe crumb whiskers feature

Cat café hangouts are a thing, and one is coming soon to a perch near you. The first cat café opened in Taiwan nearly 20 years ago, in 1998. Shortly thereafter, another location opened in Osaka in 2004 and the concept has spread rather rapidly from there. In fact, Forbes has called cat cafés a […]

The Insta-Colorventures of Amy Chen Design

amy chen design brandettes 1

Color is expressive, rich with energy and filled with emotion. Did you know happy people typically like yellow and law enforcement uses pink as a “passive color” to sooth and calm? My love affair with color is a relationship in its infancy; I was quite comfortable living within the confines of neutral tones with an […]