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The Creativity Within COR Cellars

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The United States is the fourth-largest wine producing country in the world behind France, Italy and Spain. Each year, more than 806 million gallons of wine are produced, with more than 40 million gallons coming from the state of Washington alone. In Lyle, Washington, where the Klickitat river meets the Columbia river, known as the Columbia […]

Winc- How One Brand Changed the Way We Wine

Winc Box feature

The act of discovery, of anything really, is deliciously gratifying, and for me, even slightly addictive. I love getting turned on to new brands, new tastes and new adventures. So when I happened upon Winc, a brand curating boutique, standout wines from points near and far, it tickled my fancy in more ways than one. […]

Exploring the DRY trend

DRY feature

I’m challenged to a remember a time when descriptors like “hand-made”, “slow-churned” or even “artisan-crafted” didn’t matter in the world of consumer products. Popping up on products as diverse as hair care to hors d’oeuvres, descriptors help us glean information as well as bring a little romance. Personally, I think it may have gotten out […]