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3 Healthy Ways to Improve Your Social Status

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Got some extra cash coming your way?  Trying to raise your social status?  Skip the new Chanel bag and invest in Pressed Juicery’s $780 month juice delivery (and post a photo on Instagram) instead.

It’s official – wellness has become the new status symbol.

It’s no secret that the health and wellness market is booming. Now a $3.4 trillion global industry, it’s surpassed the size of the global pharmaceutical industry. As a result, luxury shoppers are flaunting their wealth through healthy (and extravagant!) lifestyle choices and creating a new form of stealth wealth.  Welcome to “wellthness”!

3 Ways To Improve Your Wellness Social Status:

  1. Clean Eating. Forget about fast food. 2015 is all about pure food restaurants and clean eating apps. Bring your pricey Whole Foods green juice to work and send a message of status – it’s now seen as a reflection of wealth, health and discipline (and should help your skin, too!). I recently experienced this trend when a guest at an elegant brunch pulled out a bottle of chlorophyl and passed it around the table.  Bottoms up!
  2. Luxury Performance Wear. It’s time to upgrade your workout wardrobe. Activewear is everywhere, with consumers trading in their t-shirts and jeans for stylish looks from brands like Sweaty Betty and Fabletics. Even if you can’t make it to the gym, you’ll project a feeling of atheleticism and wellness while out and about.
  3. Invite-only gyms.  For those with serious cash, it’s no longer enough to have a membership at the posh country club. If you really want to impress, you need to be part of exclusive, invite-only gyms like E by Equinox in New York. With an annual membership fee of $26,000, you get a 24-hour concierge, private changing cabanas, a state-of-the-art gym, and private sessions with “Tier 4” trainers.

While few of us will be working out at E, I love that more and more people are consciously thinking about healthy food and exercising. A focus on wellness also means a focus on prevention, which typically leads to the use of more alternative therapies and treatments.  I’m totally into that and look forward to exploring this shift in the coming months!



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