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Thinking forward is part of the fabric at Commodity Goods, the global premium fragrance brand launched in 2014 via a high-profile Kickstarter campaign. Today, the brand is booming thanks to a unique market position and quality scents that live up to (and beyond) the hype.

Commodity takes fragrance off the proverbial pedestal and makes it experiential. The brand’s unique try me philosophy engages scent enthusiasts with multiple try at home options and, now, a Cocktail Kit available at Sephora in February. The 10 fragrances in the kit, five White and five Black, represent Commodity’s entire scent catalog. White scents are light and airy while the Black wood-based collection evokes a sexier, smoky mood. Worn “neat” or layered, Commodity’s fragrances are deliciously complex, lush and well balanced, with uncomplicated names like Gold, Tea, Whiskey and Wool. Lately, I’ve been crushing on the cool earthiness of Book.

Brandettes first featured Commodity Goods in 2015 as the company was taking off via a brand direct web-based business model that has since evolved to include over 200 Sephora stores and Led by entrepreneur and visionary Ash Huzenlaub and backed by co-founder of Hautelook and Sole Society, Konstantin Glasmacher, Commodity Goods is scorching hot. Glasmacher, known for creating disruptive online brands with an eye for innovation, along with Huzenlaub and their team, has helped to give customers and influencers a voice through Commodity’s expressive social media. Described as a cross between Warby Parker and LeLabo for millennials, I think Commodity is in a category of its very own- a new school brand with a cool, creative vibe. We recently connected with Huzenlaub, Commodity Goods’ CEO, for some behind-the-scenes success secrets.

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Commodity has been growing by leaps and bounds. How has the brand evolved over the past 12 months?

In the past year Commodity Goods has gone from a premium fragrance brand selling exclusively online, through our Try-At-Home Fragrance Fitting Kit model, to now also having a partnership with Sephora where some level of our product is in over 200 doors across the USA and Canada. As our core is online, this was a huge step to take and is one that works because of the Sephora model of front-of-the-counter service.

Sephora has created a home for select premium niche fragrances on their stage where our loyalists receive the same level of great service we demand with Beyond that and in part because of that, we have the opportunity to build our team with exceptional talent from both the online and retail worlds. In addition to keeping people’s noses from getting bored, bridging these channels is the most exciting aspect of what I get to do as we grow.

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What role have Commodity’s customers played in the direction of your fragrances and overall brand?

In 2014, we tested twenty different fragrances through our online program and this feedback helped us focus on ten unique options that we reformulated in mid 2015 to have something for every nose across the spectrum.

As for the brand, it is the fact that Commodity Goods does not have a manufactured brand story that I love the most about this company. This is what differentiates us most from every other brand in the beauty world… our customers are our brand.

Across Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, nearly everything you find about #CommodityGoods is fan generated content where people are telling the world through photography, art, poetry, and sometimes video what our fragrances mean to them.

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Let’s focus in on the fragrances. What would surprise our readers about what goes into each Commodity fragrance?

Rather than a surprise of what goes into our fragrances, I hope they are pleased by what does not go into our fragrances. Commodity’s eau de parfums are cruelty free with no animal testing and no animal byproducts. We’re all animal and dog lovers here, so this is important to me and our whole team. Our fragrance ingredients are sustainably sourced and paraben, phthalate, and gluten free.

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We love the new Cocktail Kit, especially the larger sized fragrances. Is this an evolution of your signature Fitting Kit?

It is and the evolution of our kits is what happens when you listen to your customers. We are psyched about the Cocktail Kit. The Sephora team loves this offering so much they are putting it in virtually every free-standing Sephora in North America, as well as for US customers and for Canadian customers.

The Cocktail Kit includes ten unisex fragrances across our Black Collection (Whiskey, Book, Moss, Wool, and Gin) and White Collection (Gold, Rain, Magnolia, Tea, and Mimosa). Most people love wearing them each stand-alone, but some enthusiasts layer them in “Scent Cocktails” as well (hence the kit’s name).  My current favorite is Book which has notes of Haitian Vetiver, Bergamot, and Sandalwood.

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Your Try-At-Home model is at the core of Commodity as a company, what iterations are you making there?

Here again, feedback from our customers has transformed our online model from buying fragrance for yourself to our creating new packages that have made us the ideal gift source when it comes to fragrance.

While premium fragrance is one of the most gifted offerings for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays, people almost always get selection wrong which is costly and awkward. We have been able to make fragrance gifting a more thoughtful and appreciated experience by both those who are giving and receiving fragrance.

There is little worse than dropping a hundred or more dollars on a fragrance gift and then your significant other does not like it. We remove that awkwardness from occurring and save your wallet.


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