Achieving Greatness w/ Gondolas 4 All

Dreams really do come true. Last month the dream of gondolier Alessandro Dalla Pieta, Co-Founder of  Gondolas 4 All, became a reality as he saw the first wheelchair-bound rider use the automatic lift he designed to help mobility challenged individuals experience Venice’s gondolas. March 11, 2016 was a very special day, indeed.


Gondolas 4 All’s maiden voyage using proprietary lift technology was two decades in the making. A wheelchair athlete, Peter shown above, and seven year old Nicholas were the first riders to enjoy the lift and gondola rides. Through private and public funding, Gondolas 4 All has created a safe and secure way for wheelchairs to board a gondola, a process that was nearly impossible (not to mention incredibly dangerous) in the past. Last year, Brandettes posted concept drawings for the Gondolas 4 All jetty which is remarkable in its capabilities and simplicity, both.

Regular service, from car-accessible Piazzale Roma, will begin late spring 2016, after gondoliers are trained in operating the lift. Visitors can book a ride at the usual tariffs, set by the city, at the website

Gondola rides can now be enjoyed by everyone, thanks to Gondolas 4 All. A sincere and heartfelt congratulations to Alessandro and his partner Enrico Greifenberg on this inspirational accomplishment- grazie per la vostra visione incredibile!

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