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Thinking Outside the Surface w/ Caesarstone

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Brand collaborations are an incredibly valuable way to foster great storytelling for all involved. Feature and benefit based marketing is no longer a primary platform; the way to truly engage an audience is through thoughtful and meaningful brand experiences. And while not all brand experiences have to be physical, Caesarstone, developer of technologically advanced, forward thinking work surfaces, has come with a fresh approach.

Caesarstone’s 2016 brand collaborations are multi-faceted, involving some of the hottest names (and brands) from a wide array of industries. Their Color Conversations series of events bring innovators, thinkers and a whole lot of doers together for stimulating dialogue designed to promote creative collaboration. The events thus far, held in Los Angeles and Chicago, helped kick off their “Year of Color” and ushered in new materials. It’s Caesarstone’s lush array of surfaces that inspires world-renowned chefs like Ludo Lefebvre and Mario Batali, who used Caesarstone throughout his New York restaurant, La Sirena.

Here, the Caesarstone team gives us firsthand insight into their stellar brand collaborations and Color Conversations event series…

batali brand collaborations

In 2016, Caesarstone launched a series of events called Color Conversations- can you share some insight into the events and their mission?

At Caesarstone, we believe that design is not restricted to space – that anything creative is design! Which is why our exploration of color features speakers from architecture, design, culinary, fashion and real estate disciplines. These dynamic professionals will provide their specialized perspective on the impact of color in their professional segment.

caesarstone brand collaborationsbrand collaborations caesarstone

This year, the Caesarstone brand celebrates “The Year of Color”- what does that milestone mean for the brand?

In January 2016 we launched nine new colors and in August 2016 our Granite collection launched. We are celebrating the diversity of design and surface use in the home.

caesarstone-taj-royal-600caesarstone brand collaborations

How do the Color Conversations events help expand the brand’s connection to creatives and designers?

 These events bring a fresh perspective of color and use of Caesarstone to the design industry. These events celebrate the alternative uses that chefs and industrial designers bring into their art. Exploring trends through the eyes of color allows for

caesarstone brand collaborationsbrand collaborations

How have Caesarstone’s collaborations helped push the brand forward?

 Recent collaborations with Tom Dixon (above) and Chef Mario Batali deliver true authenticity to the Caesarstone brand. With an international designer like Tom using our product, it gets us all thinking outside the surface. He designed an amazing kitchen for us for Milan Design Week. He created beautiful, functional workspaces and amazing dining tables.

With Mario Batali this year, his use of Frosty Carina in La Sirena is true celebration. His team used Caesarstone for everything from bars to banquettes to wall cladding (pictured above).

It truly is inspiring, to see these professionals use Caesarstone in new ways!

brand collaborationscaesarstone brand collaborations

Lastly, I think it’s important for people to understand all that the Caesarstone brand is doing to protect and give back to the environment. Can you share some highlights?

Today, when sustainable practices are becoming popular in the corporate world, we are proud to say that this has been our practice for the past 20 years.

Caesarstone is the first quartz surfacing company to receive ISO 14001 certification- a global standard specifically for environmental protection. From recycling 97% of the water used in manufacturing, to collecting dust from shipping, handling, production and processing, Caesarstone seeks to protect the planet and the well being of our customers.


Caesarstone’s Color Conversations events are headed to Houston, Austin, Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston and Atlanta this fall. Learn more and get in on the fun! 

Images courtesy of Caesarstone



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