Accelerating Beauty Innovation w/ Good Face Project

Good Face Project formulator illustration

It’s no secret, the beauty industry continues to expand at an astounding pace, with product categories becoming increasingly cluttered. Product innovation isn’t just a novel idea anymore, it’s an essential part of a brand’s vital growth strategy. According to Nielsen IQ, brands that focused on innovation this past year grew, on average, 2.9X more than […]

Inside The Wrinkle Cream of Hair Care – Arey

Arey products

After 20+ years in consumer products, and beauty specifically, it takes a lot for us to do a double take. Brands, products and campaigns can all start to feel strangely similar, with surprises here and there, but still few and far between. Then we met Arey, and at first glance, our interest was piqued.   […]

How Tracksmith Reinvents Old School Style for Serious Runners

Tracksmith MAYE7857 feature

Getting lost in a sea of neon, spandex, logo-emblazoned running gear is easy. Ridiculously easy- everyone is “just doing it”. When you’re ready to dial it back, to focus more on style than flash, that’s when you reach for Tracksmith. Tracksmith is a New England-based brand dedicated to giving running with the respect it deserves. Serving competitive […]


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Until I was introduced to the patented, 2-piece rug system known as Ruggable®, the carpet industry was not one that I perceived to be overflowing with creativity and innovation. But after doing a little research, it turns out that it’s been fueled by some very inventive thinking. The U.S. carpet industry first emerged at the end of […]

Health-Ade Kombucha


Kombucha.  Also known as “The Elixir of Life,” “Divine Tea,” or simply “Booch.” In case you haven’t yet had a sip of this bubbly wonder, kombucha is a fizzy beverage made from tea that has been fermented by a bacteria and yeast culture known as SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), leaving it full of gut-friendly […]