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Creativity, Coolhaus Style


Coolhaus, the seven-year-old sweet treats brand founded by friends and uber-smart ladies Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, is known for its adventurous flavors. Fried Chicken and Waffles, Avocado Sriracha and (my favorite) Fig & Mascarpone, are staples on their inventive menu.

These crazy creative ice cream flavors, coupled with ooey gooey, oh-so-delicious cookies, make for the most addictive ice cream sandwiches we’ve ever tried. And we’re not the only ones who think so. The buzz on Coolhaus has been building to a crescendo nationwide. The brand’s fresh-packed pints, ice cream sandwiches and hand-dipped ice cream bars are now available in over 1,500 locations in 40 states. However, it’s their national fleet of 11 mobile ice cream trucks and carts (5 in Southern California, 3 in NYC, 2 in Austin, and 1 in Dallas) plus two free-standing stores that are essential stops on the Coolhaus enthusiast’s lists. It’s these locations where you can mix, match and indulge in the perfect ice cream and cookie pairing to suite your personal taste.

The Brandettes caught up with Natasha Case, Co-Founder of Coolhaus, to get a look behind this white-hot brand. Join us on Friday, April 10 for the full interview.

Until then, we had a little fun creating ice cream sandwich creations with the 67 ice cream and 21 cookie flavors listed on the Coolhaus website. There are over 1,400 possible combinations!

Coolhaus ice cream sandwich creativity


Inspiration: Saturday morning cartoons

Ice Cream: Yogurt Granola Berries

Cookie: Fruity Pebbles (Gluten Free)


Inspiration: Movie night

Ice Cream: Cookies & Sweet Cream

Cookie: Chocolate Chunk Pretzel


Inspiration: Picnic in the park

Ice Cream: Apricot Sorbet

Cookie: Vegan Carrot Cake


Inspiration: Secret speakeasy

Ice Cream: Southern Belle

Cookie: Salt & Sugar Nutella


Check back with Brandettes on Friday for Natasha Case’s favorite sammie and the full interview.




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