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3 Favorite Brands: August

Everlane sleeveless feature

Direct to consumer brands are blooming big time. The refreshingly direct approach is clean, clear and focused in a sea of omni-channel brands that can often become cloudy. The three brands featured this month are major standouts, favorites for a whole host of reasons. The increased margin realized from direct to consumer distribution enables the brands to explore alternative product development, supply chain and price strategies, effectively setting them apart from their competition.

Product performance, check. Exceptional craftsmanship, check. Elegant designs that are on trend? Yes and yes. But beyond the products themselves, these brand’s identities are truly stand alone. They are empowering (Thinx), happy, healthy (Lively) and bold (Everlane). Each brand’s marketing efforts have been disruptive in the friendliest sense; alternatives to the ho hum that make us say, “hey, now”!

Direct to Consumer Brands- Our 3 Favorite

direct to consumer brands lively brasonline only brands lively lingeriedirect to consumer brands


An entirely new category of lingerie, Lively compliments the booming athleisure trend we know and adore. A concentrated group of styles offers pretty accents that are still performance driven. We like the adaptability of the t-shirt bra, with it’s sexy straps and racer back-to-traditional flexibility.Founder and former Victoria’s Secret merchant, Michelle Grant, aims to reinvent the $110 billion underwear market, one bra at a time.

direct to consumer brands thinxthinx direct to consumer brandsdirect to consumer brands


Support for women’s menstrual cycles has always been cloaked in darkness, unfortunately. New York-based Thinx aims to educate and offer alternative period support in a variety of panty styles. Shame free periods, imagine that. High-waisted, boy shorts, thongs- Thinx caters to any/every women’s panty preference while protecting her from unsightly accidents. Their marketing, including the ads (above) that blitzed New York subway stations is bold, clever and completely disruptive.

direct to consumer brands everlaneeverlane direct to consumer brandsdirect to consumer brands


Modern basics made exceptionally well, San Francisco-based Everlane delivers deceptively simple designs that are enduringly chic. It really does take an army to design the perfect t-shirt and Everlane’s is completely on point (their high neck t, pictured, is a personal fav). The company brings full transparency to their supply chain and markup, taking the game playing out of the shopping equation, for real.


P.S. More on direct to consumer brands with American Giant and Lunette.

Images: Courtesy of Everlane (featured image & blog post), Lively & Thinx



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