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Is improving your skin, hair and nails (not to mention your overall health) really as easy as taking a few vitamins a day? Based on some pretty impressive science and the experts at HUM Nutrition, it certainly looks that way.

The dietary supplements industry is a multi-billion dollar market, with sales of global nutraceuticals expected to reach $204.8 billion by 2017. As explored in our post on “wellthness, we are at a crossroads of two key consumer trends: an increased interest in preventative health care and a heightened understanding of the connection between diet and wellness. As a result, there has been a surge of brands that have recently entered the market with products that promise to be the elixir of youth and vitality. While it’s been slow to catch fire, the belief that beautiful skin starts from within is now becoming a part of the mainstream mindset.

We’ve had our eye on the nutricosmetic category and identified HUM as a brand to watch. With a name inspired by the vibrant beauty of hummingbirds and their seemingly endless natural energy, HUM has a clear mission: to become the best beauty nutrition business in the world.

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Offering potent, sustainably sourced products, HUM takes the next step by integrating another evolving trend: personalized nutrition. Just like skincare, each one of us has unique dietary needs and HUM innovates by connecting consumers with a free personal nutritionist responsible for creating a customized supplement plan based on each customer’s health and beauty goals. A brilliant strategy, especially considering the majority of dermatologists are not trained in the field of nutrition, therefore leaving the category of “beauty nutrition” up for grabs.

With beautiful packaging and witty, memorable names, HUM has succeeded in reinventing the vitamin category. Now, with their distribution in Sephora, they could be the brand that finally secures supplements a permanent place in our daily beauty regimen. We had a chance to talk branding  with founders Walter Faulstroh and Chris Coleridge and learn more about how good nutrition can transform the way we look and feel.


Hum Nutritions Founders Walter Faulstroh and Chris Coleridge
Hum Nutrition’s Chris Coleridge (L) and Walter Faulstroh (R)


Your branding is really spectacular – can you tell us about the strategy behind your witty, playful product names?

Thanks so much! HUM was actually inspired out of the confusion of the vitamin aisle. When faced with so many products, brands, herbs and minerals, it’s so hard to know what your body needs and which nutrients can really make a difference in your beauty and health. So we decided to use our branding to clearly specify how each product can help you to look and feel great. (Killer Nails, for instance, contains biotin to help strengthen your nails.) We also wanted to maintain an approachable and playful identity in our names and packaging to help our consumers enjoy learning more about the nutrients they can benefit from, rather than feeling overwhelmed.

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U.S. consumers have not embraced nutricosmetic brands in the past – how is HUM positioned to overcome the challenges of this category?

It’s been fascinating to look at why U.S. consumers have not been as quick to embrace nutricosmetics as elsewhere, particularly Asian countries where vitamins, minerals and supplements are popular in the beauty realm. But there is a lot of opportunity here to introduce the brand in an innovative and educating way.

The nutricosmetic markets is expected to grow 11.5% from 2014 to 2020, and we truly believe HUM can be at the forefront of this. For instance, a short 3 minute questionnaire on our website takes in some of your health and lifestyle habits and a real Registered Dietitian provides you with a detailed report on nutrition tips and the HUM products right for you and your body. This personalization is so important to HUM and part of what makes us so unique.

In addition, HUM truly values importance of education and science. Researchers and Registered Dietitians design all HUM formulas with special care taken to use only science-backed, high quality ingredients. As we grow, HUM also strives to be a top resource in the beauty-nutrition field to educate our consumers on the nutrients they are putting into their bodies and how they work.

 HUM FINAL Red Carpet

I love your personalized approach to nutrition – I took the quiz and was very impressed with the level of detail!  That being said, is there one product that you feel is a great fit for everyone?

Personalization is so important to HUM, and again, a big inspiration for the brand.  However, our OMG! Omega the Great is high-quality fish oil, which leading nutritionists often recommend for heart, brain, and skin health. In addition, Red Carpet is one of our most popular products. It is a vegetarian formula for an overall beauty boost. Natural essential oils help nourish and hydrate from within to help achieve healthy looking skin and fuller hair. It’s a product that contains natural and effective nutrients that fit into many people’s lifestyles!


Your distribution in Sephora is really exciting! Was it a tough sell or did they immediately embrace your vision? How are you able to translate your personalized approach when selling on shelf?

Sephora has been such a brilliant supporter of HUM from the get-go. As a leader in beauty education and innovation, they immediately embraced the idea surrounding Beauty Starts from Within and loved that it was something so unique they could inspire and share with their community.

It can definitely be a challenge translating our vision in stores because customers come in looking for makeup without having given thought to the idea that supplements can help them with a specific beauty concern, and we want to make sure the personal aspects of the brand translate to the shelf. That is why HUM works with an amazing education team of passionate nutritionists and Sephora lovers who help bring to life the HUM quiz and customization of the brand. These brand ambassadors work with Sephora casts, who in turn come to believe in the brand, and they share that with their clients.

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What’s next for HUM?

Some really amazing things are right on the horizon! We have some HOT holiday surprises coming down the pipeline that we’re so excited to build some buzz around. A little hint… your favorite HUM bottles in Sephora are going to be extra cozy this winter! Once you see it in stores make sure to tag us on instagram @humnutrition because we’re giving away tons of prizes!

HUM is growing at a rapid and exciting pace, and we are always working on new and innovative ways to introduce beauty benefits with nutrients to our community. While we can’t give specifics just yet, you can definitely expect HUM to create and innovate in the ingestible beauty world, with 2 new products in mind for the next 12 months! We will DEFINITELY keep you posted 😉

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Source: Nutraceuticals World/ Transparency Market Research, Albany, NY.



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