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Brandettes, this adventurous collaboration between my partner, Christina Marcaccini, and I has been a long time in the making. About 15 years ago (can I pretend we too were 15?) a group of four girls bonded over good music, a love for beauty and their brand manager titles. We worked long hours, took long lunches and had a passion for our profession that drew us together and cemented a bond that has endured for the long term. My husband, always witty, appointed our little tribe The Brandettes.

With new products or brands, often the best names come organically. Sounds simple but it’s often deeply challenging to truly capture the essence of a brand. Christina and I have had the good fortune to have led a portfolio of notable, award-winning brands, both large and small. We’ve both come up with great, sticky brand names, however, creating your own is the ultimate nail biter. Brandettes just felt right; bringing the right amount of feminine power to our core focus of branding.

As we celebrate our five-month anniversary here at Brandettes marketing blog, I must say that we are having a blast. We’ve connected with exceptional brands that are innovating both in product development and brand marketing.

From time to time we’ll give you the skinny on us, but most of the time we’ll keep the spotlight directed towards trends, brands and overall strategies to inspire YOU and keep you excited about the wild world of marketing. Keep checking back, we post weekly (sometimes twice) during the workweek.

Speaking of inspiration, here are a few of my favorite Brandettes posts…

  1. Adult adventure brand, Liberator, is disrupting a market of me too. Read more here.
  2. Licensing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Get practical tips on how to negotiate a celebrity partnership, right here.
  3. Ain’t no easy way. Justin Gold of Justin’s takes us through his strategies for building a successful food brand in today’s tough market.


To learn more about The Brandettes and our marketing blog, check us out here.



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