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Natural Products Expo West


Last weekend The Brandettes took a trip south to Anaheim, California to attend the Natural Products Expo West…and what a trip it was!

For 24 years, the show has been a showcase for all that is new and now in the world of natural products. From supplements to sweets, it’s got it all and then some. In fact, over 65,000 attendees from 100 different countries flock to the show annually to walk the floor and attend cutting-edge seminars. On the day we attended, it felt as if each of those 65,000 individuals hit the convention center floor at the same time- it was packed!

Over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to some of the remarkable brands and brand marketers we met at the show. These are some seriously cool people and we’re excited they’ve chosen Brandettes as a place to share their expert insights and industry knowledge.

In the meantime, here’s ten quick observations from our day at the show:

  1. Innovation happens on the ground floor, literally. Smaller, up-and-coming brands showed a strong sense of innovation on Level 1 of the convention center.
  2. Snack food brands have the BEST graphic design and packaging.
  3. Drizzle chocolate on anything and you’ve got yourself a winner.
  4. You don’t have to use heavy cream to create decadent and delicious frozen treats.
  5. Samples rule, not swag.
  6. Hemp is eco friendly and perfect for crunchy snacks, your morning granola, smoothies and a whole lot more.
  7. Health and beauty has an opportunity to generate the same excitement that snack foods and supplements have created in the natural brand space. They’re not there yet.
  8. Quinoa, kale, goji and acai are still in favor for their flavor and health benefits.
  9. Popcorn is EVERYWHERE. Have we mentioned that samples rule?
  10. Go hungry, be patient, wear comfy footwear and bring the biggest bag you own (for samples, of course).






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