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Collaborating with creative, like-minded individuals is an essential part of professional development. Personally, I thrive off of the energy, excitement and alternative point of view those connections, typically, bring. This fall, Brandettes is introducing a few incredible collaborations I’m pretty thrilled about, with organizations I have massive respect for.

Where to Find Brandettes Beyond the Blog…

Beauty Biz Roundtable Series

 On October 7th, 2016, I’m proud to be a Thought Leader at the Mazur Group’s Beauty Biz Roundtable BBR14. This is my third time presenting at the BBR events and they continue to grow stronger and stronger. During the event’s morning sessions, I’ll be sharing the secrets of product development success, breaking down each step to give attendees vital tactics to help facilitate cost effective product innovation. Turning product dreams into functional reality, that’s the name of the game.

If you’re unable to attend BBR14 (the event is nearly sold out), drop me a line at and I’d be happy to share some of my key findings.


Beauty Cast Network

 If you work in beauty or know someone who does, Beauty Cast Network (BCN) is a must visit site for professional development. Not only do they feature job listings from some of the most powerful salon networks in the United States, BCN is focused on helping the industry, overall, propel their business forward. BCN’s blog is full of tips, tricks and practical advice for stylists, spa managers and salon owners- that’s where Brandettes comes in. As a regular contributor to BCN, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on branding, career development and marketing, monthly. Check out these tips for facilitating a more productive interview.


Revamped Magazine

Collaborating with creatives is fantastic, but helping them to grow their brands is the BEST! Be sure to check out the fall issue of Revamped Magazine for my feature article, 12 Insider Tips for Incredible Brand/Influencer Partnerships,  that’s designed to help influencers make more meaningful (and profitable) brand relationships. More often than not, bloggers, vloggers and creatives find themselves a bit lost when it comes to the biz side of partnership work, but Brandettes is here to help.

Revamped is dedicated to providing inspiration and education to bloggers, creatives and entrepreneurs. The magazine can be found online or in print, and it offers information rich content to aid its audience in hustling harder (and smarter). Check it out and support Revamped’s Founder and Editor, Samantha Grose, and her lovely team. They rock, you rock, and you’re sure to love the magazine.


Thanks for supporting Brandettes and our network of friends. I’ll keep you posted on what’s new, now and next with me, Nikola Cline, and Brandettes overall- be sure to check back, weekly, for the latest and greatest.



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