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3 Favorite Brands: September

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Fall always, for me, ushers in a bit of a reinvention. It’s time to refresh, explore new styles and get ready for cooler temps ahead. Right now, I’m feeling the old school fitness vibes. Perhaps it’s a byproduct of binge watching The Get Down or rediscovering The Karate Kid, but the 70’s and 80’s athletic flair feels impossibly fresh. Here, my three favorite brands bringing back cool in a fab new way to get us across the finish line in style…

Old School Brands- Our 3 Favorite

old school brandsold school brands tracksmithold school brands running shorts


New England-based Tracksmith was founded by runners looking to elevate the integrity of racing gear. Dialing back the superfluous details that many fitness brands favor, Tracksmith has a low fi vibe partnered with high performance fabrics and retro design details. This brands doesn’t try to please everyone, instead it focuses on the competitive runner and stays in its lane. How refreshing.

penfield old school brandsold school brandsold school brands


A brand born in the 1960’s, Penfield is well known for exceptionally well-crafted down outerwear here in the United States, and abroad. In the last few years, the brand has pushed forward with design collaborations and unexpected color combos that channel retro vibes. And as Penfield crafts their future vision, quality, craftsmanship and durability remain, thankfully, the same.

old school brands new balanceold school brandsold school brands

New Balance

Comfortable and cool wrapped up in one affordable package; New Balance, how I love thee. This brand has been rockin’ the old school brand styles launched decades earlier, but in cool new colors that resonate today. I’ve beat up three pairs of 620s, myself, and especially love their on-trend collaboration with J. Crew (above). A major bonus, New Balance makes or assembles over four million high-quality shoes in the United States annually, keeping quality and local resources top of mind.

Old school brands catch your eye too? Drop us a comment and tell us all about it.


P.S. More inspiration from direct to consumer brands and those that blend snarky and sweet.


Images: Penfield (feature), Tracksmith & J Crew



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