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As any beauty Google ads agency will tell you, search engine marketing is an essential part of a strong cross-channel marketing plan. Not only does it help you reach new audiences, but it also increases traffic to your site. Google and Youtube ads are particularly useful tools in accomplishing these goals, connecting brands with their core audiences through their own unique algorithms. To truly be seen and connected with potential consumers on Google and Youtube, you need a solid ad strategy. This involves understanding the Google and Youtube algorithms and molding your ad strategy accordingly. Brandettes beauty Google ads agency will work with your team to do just this. Together, we will create an ad strategy that builds your brand awareness, increases sales, and drives conversions with tactics that are strategic, measurable and engaging.

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Our Services Include

Keyword Optimization

Optimizing SEO and using the best keywords for your ads helps attract your target audience and makes your brand stand out on search engines, thus bringing traffic to your website and increasing your sales

Competitive Research

Our comprehensive research reviews in and out of market competitors and evaluates which Google and Youtube ad strategies are most effective

PPC Budgeting

We will work with you to determine the right spend for your PPC strategy with metrics that Brandettes, as your beauty Google ads agency, will drive towards

Ad Placement + Tracking

Our beauty Google ads agency places and manages ads with calendarized data collection, and holds analysis and optimization review sessions to continually track and monitor towards brand goals

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About Our Process

Research + Strategy

As a beauty Google ads agency, Brandettes works to understand your goals and the competitive landscape to develop a customized strategy for your brand and target audience


We will align project goals with a range of strategies to support your digital marketing brand goals

Content Development

We can help develop and/ or advise on content and help maximize it across channels, aiming for the right messaging for your ideal audience

Tactics + Metrics

Activation is key, but clearly established goals and accountability metrics is essential to any cross-channel marketing program

How will Brandettes beauty Google ads agency ensure that my Google and Youtube ads target my core audience?

Great question! Before our beauty Google ads agency can go about creating and launching ads on Google and Youtube, we first must understand and define your brand’s target audience.

To do so, we will track and analyze current perceptions of your product or service to understand who responds to your marketing messages. More importantly, we will also track who fails to respond and how we can garner interest among that missing but desired audience, a key deliverable in our beauty Google ads agency consulting services.

We’ll study beauty trends and locate consumers who share core values with your message and utilize target audience identification profiling to support your products or services in an engaging and meaningful way. Through connecting your ideas to the right demographic, we’ll ensure we fully understand your audience’s persona by outlining the challenges they face to better craft a genuine message that will resonate with them.

As your designated beauty Google ads agency, we’ll also ensure that you stand out amongst your peers. As part of our digital marketing process, we’ll track the competition to better understand what your specific market demands, lacks, and how we can highlight your uniqueness to maximize exposure (and sales) among the bustling crowd.

Once we align on strategy, we’ll create ads that will perfectly speak to and capture your target audience, tapping into A/B testing as needed. We’ll also utilize Google and Youtube’s personalization features that allow you to choose the particular demographics you would like your ads to be shown to. This will not only ensure that your target audience is being exposed to your ads, but will allow for the opportunity to attract new demographics as well.

How does Brandettes’ beauty Google ads agency integrate Google ads, Youtube ads, and ecommerce?

Just as social platform ads have seen dramatic growth in these past few years, so has ecommerce, or the number of sales that take place online. To adapt to such changes, Brandettes beauty Google ads agency has learned the best ways to take a casual Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok user and transform them into a customer. Understanding your core audience and how they search is not only important, it’s essential when targeting your media approach and associated spend. While capturing a potential consumer’s attention with a catchy or aesthetically pleasing ad is the first step, it is also important to get them to take the next step forward. To accomplish this, you will want to link your ad directly to your other social media platforms (e.g. Instagram) or directly to your shop. This is called a call to action, and incites potential customers to actually take action and interact with your site.

However, this is also where good web design comes in. To get a new customer to interact with your shop, and even potentially purchase something, you’ll want to make sure your site is user-friendly and easily navigated. As a full-service marketing and beauty Google ads agency, Brandettes can help with this. We regularly work with clients to set up dedicated, conversion-focused landing pages to establish trust, value and engagement.

Whether you want a specific color scheme, navigation tool, or type of visual media on your site, we have you covered. Our beauty Google ads agency is full of graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and more who will tailor all the visual elements of the site to your preferences.

As for the non-visual aspects of your site, the experienced backend developers and copywriters on our team will make sure the site’s navigation and written content is up to your standards.
Brandettes’ beauty Google ads agency will also make sure that your Google ads feel authentic to your brand messaging. We’ll work with your team to establish your company’s identity and elevate its distinct personality. We know that an authentic story or identity will encourage your audience to instantly relate and trust your product or service, further encouraging loyalty and constant clicks.

Ready to talk budget? Brandettes beauty Google ads agency is 100% transparent where many agencies are not. We clearly break out ad spend and agency fees separately, offering you a refreshingly clear look at your investment by platform.

services brand strategy positioning establish personaility brand voice
services brand strategy positioning target audience defined

Is there a strategy for using Youtube ads?

Yes! As any beauty Google ads agency knows, when it comes to Youtube ads, there’s a few different types of ads to choose from. Amongst them are: 

  • Skippable in-stream ads: These are played before or during a video, with their defining feature being that viewers can choose to skip them after the first five seconds.
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: Also played before or during a video, but these cannot be skipped.
  • Video discovery ads: Moreso reminiscent of the ads one might find on a Google search results page, video discovery ads show up alongside organic Youtube search results.
  • Non-video ads: These ads are pictures that either show up on the right-hand sidebar of a video or appear on top of videos from monetized Youtube channels.

Just as all these ad types are unique in their own right (just like your business), they also serve unique purposes. For example, non-skippable ads are perfect for the brand that is looking to increase brand awareness and is sure that their creativity is strong enough to hold a consumer’s attention for the full length of their ad. On the other hand, non-video ads are great for those who don’t necessarily have the budget for video ads, but still want to get their brand name out there. So, how do you know which will work best for you? Further, how will you go about creating ads that best suit your business? 

Well, that’s where Brandettes comes in! As a beauty Google ads agency, Brandettes is well aware of Youtube’s algorithms and consumer behavior that will determine whether or not an ad will see success. Over the course of 20+ years in the marketing and digital advertising industry we have perfected our craft as a beauty Google ads agency, allowing each and every one of our clients to see increased conversion rates and website traffic.

Our specialized approach will drive engagement among your consumers in any industry. By using Brandettes’ beauty Google ads agency services to identify how your product solves a particular problem or answers a need differently than your competitors, Brandettes will make sure more customers will take notice and remember who you are. 

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Brandettes is a beauty Google ads agency with 20+ years of experience serving consumer packaged goods brands. Whether you’re looking to launch your first ad campaign, or have years of experience in the digital advertising game, Brandettes is here to help you along the way. If you’re on the lookout for an ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product, or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd, contact Brandettes today.