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Sprinkles for Breakfast’s Instagram Success

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It was 20 minutes, at the very least. Perhaps even 25. The first time I met Lindsay Nathanson of Sprinkles for Breakfast, we gleefully waxed on about the blissful, color-filled joy that is rainbow sprinkles for nearly as long as a prime time sitcom. Lindsay’s passion for baking comes across instantly in conversation, but even more so, in her vibrant works of sweet, dreamy cakes, cookies, pies and cupcakes.

sprinkles for breakfast

Sprinkles for Breakfast has become a powerhouse force of innovation on Instagram and its namesake blog, Lindsay’s seemingly endless inspiration expressed with expert craftsmanship and spot on photography. She deftly twists conventional desserts into swoon-worthy creations by adding a touch of pop culture and lively color. Plus, her treats aren’t just eye candy. Sprinkles for Breakfast breaks down even the most elaborate creations with step-by-step instructions to empower all of us to bake deliciously. Seriously, the piñata cake with matching topper (below left) is pretty epic- personal baking #goals for sure.

sprinkles for breakfast piñata cakesprinkles for breakfast barksprinkles for breakfast donut cake

Colorful sprinkles majorly up the happiness factor for most of us. The joy is palpable, one of the reasons (other than her general sprinkle obsession) that Lindsay created Sprinkles for Breakfast instead of “Pie in My Face”. That, and the name was already taken. True story. When she isn’t baking, Linsday indulges her wanderlust via the two-year long National Doughnut Tour and other sprinkle-scouting adventures. We caught Lindsay between bites for some insight into her world, and Instagram, overall. Get ready for some serious sugar overload…

sprinkles for breakfast macaronssprinkles for breakfast donut frosting

Where did your passion for baking begin?

 I have always had a sweet tooth. So when I first started baking, it was for my own pleasure. But, I soon realized that I loved sharing my baked goods with friends and family- it made me so happy to see others happily eating my sweet treats! So, I started baking more and more.


You have well over 30,000 followers on Instagram, and counting. How did you get started with building your community?

 Instagram has always been my favorite social media platform, so I really focused on creating a community there. I started by looking for people who loved baking as much as I did, and I found there were more than I could have ever imagined!

sprinkles for breakfast confetti cakesprinkles for breakfast cakesprinkles for breakfast rainbow cheesecake

How much discovery versus pre-planning is involved in your creations? 

 It’s definitely a mix of both! I try to plan most of my posts in advance, but some days I will get a random source of inspiration and just head to the kitchen and start baking!


Tell us about some of your favorite collaborations and how they came to be.

 I loved working with my friend Haley from the Me. And Mr. Jones fashion blog. I did a series of cakes inspired by some of her coolest outfits and I really loved how they turned out.

sprinkles for breakfastsprinkles for breakfast collab

The Instagram influencer community is so supportive, how do you connect with others to stay inspired and excited about what you do?

 I get inspiration from other Instagrammers every single day. There are so many talented people out there, and Instagram is such a great way for creative people to display their talents to the world. And if I see something I love, I make sure to comment and let them know.


Finally, we know you ALWAYS eat sprinkles for breakfast, but if you had to choose one of your fab creations to eat again and again, what would you reach for?

 I do eat a LOT of sprinkles! But ironically, my favorite dessert on the blog is sprinkle free. I absolutely LOVE my White Chocolate Jumbles. I could eat an entire pan in one sitting!

sprinkles for breakfast jumblessprinkles for breakfast bars

Add shot of sweet sprinkle-filled goodness to your life and follow Lindsay @SprinklesforBreakfast on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.


Images: Sprinkles for Breakfast



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