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Winc- How One Brand Changed the Way We Wine

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The act of discovery, of anything really, is deliciously gratifying, and for me, even slightly addictive. I love getting turned on to new brands, new tastes and new adventures. So when I happened upon Winc, a brand curating boutique, standout wines from points near and far, it tickled my fancy in more ways than one. […]

What David Bowie Knew About Branding- 5 Facts

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David Bowie, born David Robert Jones, was the ultimate global brand. He was magnetic, often magnificent, and the creative world will forever admire his incredible contributions to the arts. Highs, lows and a career based on colorful creativity, Bowie knew a thing or two about navigating towards long-term success. Here, we explore the top five […]

Ready. Set. Strategize.

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Right after the wooziness of Thanksgiving wears off, the realization that the end of the year is near kicks in. For us marketers, this time of year brings excitement (or anxiety) over Q4 sales numbers partnered with the last minute frenzy of¬†finalizing brand plans¬†for the coming year. Yeah, I know you big guys have been […]