3 Brands You Need To Check Out ASAP


The perfect brand, for me, is one that offers a whole lot of style with an equal dose of value. Every once in a while you find a brand that’s offering that up, but hasn’t seem to reach mass appeal quite yet. J. Crew used to be that brand for me, circa 2010, when most […]

Seven Sundays- Interview


I’ve always found it fascinating how brands are born. Some start from identifying a market needs, others from a me-too quest for success. But the really great brands, 99% of the time, are the blood, sweat, tears and soul-satisfying dream of an inspired founder. These brands start from a twinkle in the eye, an intuition, […]

Arctic Zero

ARCTIC Chunky Pints1

Now that spring is here and stores are replacing blazers with bikinis, those late night ice cream splurges don’t seem quite as appealing.  That is, unless you are indulging in Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts.  At a mere 150 – 300 calories per pint, you can polish off the entire container with zero guilt! Arctic […]

Restoration Hardware’s Reinvention


Maybe it was need (we really do need some new sheets), but I’m inclined to think it was the Saturday morning mimosa that accelerated my hunger for some retail therapy more than anything else. Whatever it was, I was ready to shop when I wandered into Restoration Hardware’s new Melrose Avenue gallery recently. The upscale […]



I first spied BOOMCHICKAPOP’S bright, bold, party-ready package in the snack food aisle of my local Target. There they were- bright pink and aqua bags of deliciousness shouting in a sea of yawn-worthy chips, pretzels and popcorn. I loved that the calorie count was right there on the front of the bag; sugar content is […]

Cold Weather Comfort w/ Ridge Merino


With winter still in full swing around the country, we thought it apropos to feature Jeff and Susan Russell, the founders of Ridge Merino. Ridge is a premium performance outdoor apparel brand and the first to offer affordable, Woolmark-certified 100% Merino wool baselayers. So whether you’re braving the negative temps or just going for an […]

Natural Products Expo West


Last weekend The Brandettes took a trip south to Anaheim, California to attend the Natural Products Expo West…and what a trip it was! For 24 years, the show has been a showcase for all that is new and now in the world of natural products. From supplements to sweets, it’s got it all and then some. In […]

Bottle Rock

shutterstock 217540606

I recently had my very first swig of whiskey and bourbon. I have no good reason as to why I waited so long; maybe I was always leery of “the burn”. But, this weekend, a petite tulip-shaped whiskey glass was handed to me and I crossed over to the other side. With my drink came […]

Terry Cloth Gone Glam


I can still remember the delicious thrill of buying my first Juicy Couture sweat suit. Matching sage green terry separates bought on the second floor of Bloomingdales. Choosing a color was a major decision- all the sweats displayed by color like they were a part of Willy Wonka’s weekend wardrobe.  The allure was 100% about […]

QVC – The Agony and the Ecstasy

shutterstock 83589256

Let me begin by saying that I learned more about marketing and product development while working with QVC than at any other time in my career.  My QVC spokesperson experience began by developing skincare, nail color and cosmetic products for QVC-only brands.  I learned the ropes.  I saw what worked.  Then I had my big […]