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Succulent Nails Are Really A Thing

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Innovation in the nail category reached a fever pitch in 2013 with the meteoric rise and mass consumer adoption of gel manicures. It was the largest percentage increase the beauty industry had seen in decades, surpassing any other category by a long shot. The last few years have seen gel nails slowing down a bit, […]

H&H Nail Jewelry


Fueled by the explosive global growth of the nail category, nail art became ubiquitous in 2012 and 2013. E!’s ManiCam debut, the introduction of nail art subscription services and hype around the 2014 launch of Oxygen’s Nailed It! reality show transformed nails into a new form of self-expression for the masses. But what stood out above all the rest were […]

5 Must-Try Spring Nail Trends

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Who doesn’t love a new nail polish? Relatively inexpensive, it’s one of those small indulgences that can give your look (and mood!) an instant lift.  Although sales have slowed significantly since 2012, the nail category is still a hotbed of creative expression. Having secured their place in the fashion world, nails have become an an extension of the runway […]