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LXMI’s Impact Sourcing & the Future of Luxe Skincare

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LXMI, pronounced “luxe-me”, was created by founder Leila Janah out of a personal need for high-impact skincare that could compete with her on-the-go lifestyle and insatiable appetite for adventure. And then it became so much more. Janah, a serial entrepreneur and change agent is helping to reinvent the beauty industry’s supply chain for good. Her […]

Snailed It- Slugs in Skincare

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Skincare is such an exciting product category, as there is near constant innovation (see another hot trend here). As long as consumers are combating skin damage, fine lines and acne, there will be millions of dollars in research and testing poured into the latest miracle cures- and some of them really do make an impact. […]

It’s in the genes: DNA based skin care


We’ve looked at the next generation of sci-fi packaging, and it doesn’t stop there. Fueled by the genomics revolution, it’s now possible to personalize skincare to your specific DNA. A brainchild of acclaimed scientist Christofer Toumazou, this is not the next marketing gimmick; it is the future of skincare. Before we reveal how to defy your genetic […]

Beauty’s Latest Black Magic

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Move over coconut oil, there’s a new buzzword in town – activated charcoal.  It’s being added to cleansers (see our post on konjac here), face masks, toothbrushes, supplements and even juices for its ability to absorb toxins. Its efficacy is the real deal – charcoal has been used in the medial field for decades to treat the […]