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Developing Delicious- Inside the Box @ The Invisible Chef

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The Invisible Chef is a captivating brand, one that is far bigger than just sugar and flour, in fact. Sure, it’s tempting to be distracted by ooey gooey this and ahhh inspiring that, but the real story of this brand starts with empowerment. The Invisible Chef, started by two visionary entrepreneurs, Jill McCauley and Terry Howard, […]

How Tracksmith Reinvents Old School Style for Serious Runners

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Getting lost in a sea of neon, spandex, logo-emblazoned running gear is easy. Ridiculously easy- everyone is “just doing it”. When you’re ready to dial it back, to focus more on style than flash, that’s when you reach for Tracksmith. Tracksmith is a New England-based brand dedicated to giving running with the respect it deserves. Serving competitive […]

Infinite Monkey Theorem’s Urban Winery

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Rolling hills, vines for days and a naturally rustic setting- the mental picture of a winery is easy to conjure up. A destination with logo’d glasses and a sunny patio on which to enjoy your cheese plate. Fabulous? Yes, but not always forward thinking. Infinite Monkey Theorem is bringing an entirely new view, and vibe, to […]

Healthy Snacks Reinvented w/ Biena

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The demand for good-for-you healthy snacks is on the rise. According to a recent Nielsen report, consumers around the globe spend over $374 billion on snack foods annually, with Europe ($167 billion) and North America ($124 billion) representing 78% of the total market. As we touched on in a previous post, protein-based snacks are in demand […]

Tapping the Cold Brew Caffeine Craze w/ High Brew

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Cold brew coffee is the latest craze taking hold of those of us who are caffeine obsessed (my hand is raised). With two thirds less acid and a slightly sweeter taste than hot brewed coffee, it offers a flavorful, smooth-tasting alternative to the traditional cup of joe. Cold brew is not just iced coffee. Not […]