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Tarina Tarantino

tarina tarantino

This love affair is not a super hot, flash in the pan that flames out shortly after ignition. Nope, this is a story of enduring love, peppered with sparkle and shine, for TARINA TARANTINO, a brand that had me at hello. My first experience with the TARINA TARANTINO brand (I remember it well) was at Nordstrom’s South Coast Plaza […]

Alfonso Campos- CEO, Tarina Tarantino

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Rewind- let’s start at the beginning. It’s been twenty years since Alfonso Campos and Tarina Tarantino created what would be today’s global powerhouse of style and sparkle, TARINA TARANTINO. Along the way they’ve made incredibly smart decisions about brand expansion, partnerships and manufacturing processes that would be come engrained in the brand’s DNA. As CEO, Alfonso is at […]