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A Start To Simplifying Life- 3 Favorite Brands

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With a hefty list of personal goals and overblown resolutions, many of us are seeking ways to up our wellness game for 2017. It is a time for new beginnings and, boy, don’t marketers know it. Consider a new gym membership or clean eating plan to start the year and be inundated with high impact promotions designed to convert.

50% of the population makes resolutions each January- weight loss, stopping smoking, more exercise and debt reduction are the most common. By February, most resolve has gone by the wayside and old habits resurface and settle in, comfortably. I understand, we all do. Change is tough. Personally, I’m going to try a new approach in 2017, one that focuses more on subtle shifts versus a major reboot. A little better here, a little smarter there and I’ll be happy.

This month, we’re zeroing in on a few brands that make our days a smidge easier, perhaps a tad smoother. Join us as we explore a few ways to simplify life, won’t you?

This Month’s Favorite Brands: Ways to Simplify Life

winc wine bottle lipswinc wine box on doorstep


I discovered Winc while roaming the great wide open of Instagram, caught by one of the aforementioned intro promotions, admittedly. Winc is a personalized monthly wine club focused on quality, artisanal, and lesser known wine labels. They recently underwent a major rebrand that garnered a new name, a slick Winc Journal and a fresh new face. Winc allows me to enjoy great wine while effortlessly discovering new labels and supporting small batch.  All this at a price that is quite palatable- most bottles hover around $15 and ship free when four are purchased at the same time.

quip toothbrushquip gift set ways to simplify life


Quip came under the Christmas tree this year; a savvy gift that’s both practical and pretty. The brand’s mission is to make oral care a little simpler and more approachable (much like our friends at Hello) with their paired down electric toothbrushes that are no less effective than their 15 speed, mass market competition. Hopefully their uber easy replenishment program and simple to follow system will help right the very wrong statistic showing that only 50% of people brush less than twice daily. Gimmick free= great.

sugar paper for target ways to simplify lifeways to simplify life

Sugar Paper

Sugar Paper, an LA-based brand of clever cards, journals, agendas and other elevated office supplies has enjoyed a multi-year, successful collaboration with my big box retailer of choice, Target. Their luxe Signature agenda is a favorite of mine for 2017, making it easy to start the year stylish and organized as I juggle a multitude of projects. At around $10, the planners have standard calendars, but also feature categorized to-do lists that are both helpful and handy. Bougie and bargain-centric, the Sugar Paper for Target line is pretty fab.





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