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Social media marketing is an essential part of a strong cross–channel marketing plan, but organic posts are simply not enough. To be seen and engaged with on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and any other platform, you need a solid ad strategy to help attract your ideal audience. Brandettes CPG social ads agency will work with your team to build awareness, increase sales, and drive conversions with tactics that are strategic, measurable and (dare we say), clever. 

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Our CPG Social Ads Agency Services Include

Brand Audit

Brandettes’ CPG social ads agency team takes the time to thoroughly review your existing social media plan and channels to determine how we can best optimize towards your goals.

Strategic Goal Setting

Our team of seasoned CPG agency experts collaborates with your internal and external stakeholders to determine the brand’s stretch goals for the ad campaign and overall social experience.

Social Media Strategy

Brandettes CPG social ads agency works with you to determine the right strategy for awareness, trust-building or sales activations, employing profitable programs and clever tactics, always.

Ad Placement + Tracking

We help you strategize and create content to drive towards your goals, relying on propriety tools to target, track and optimize each CPG campaign across the right social channels for your specific brand.

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Pre-launch startup?

With organic content becoming less and less prominent in people’s feeds, digital ads have seen exponential growth. CPG brands from all over the globe, are investing significant ad dollars across social platforms everyday. Simply put, the competition is fierce for any CPG brand in the B2B and D2C space (and for their CPG social ads agency). Brandettes CPG agency excels at building cost-efficient social ad strategies that will help your growing business stand out in today’s crowded market.  

Unlike another CPG social ads agency, we offer flexibility in budgets and scale at Brandettes agency, which clients are grateful for. Our one-on-one coaching sessions form start the planning and goal setting for your digital ads strategy, before we move on to implementing and tracking the program in real time. We also offer comprehensive onboarding tools for CPG brands creating their own content, so we can build the right program together. Short on content? Not a problem, we offer content creation services for ad and general asset creation.

Established brand ready to evolve?

If you’ve been in business for a while and dependent on organic content for growth, you may be wondering, “Why do I have to make the switch to social platform ads?” Great question!

Organic content and a long list of other traditional forms of marketing don’t work as well as they used to. It’s just a fact. CPG brands gaining a foothold in the market, with the help of a CPG social ads agency, are realizing the benefits of their investment. Thus, those who aren’t utilizing digital marketing agency and paid social, may be missing out on key strategies that can increase performance and boost website traffic and conversion rates.

With times changing and brick-and-mortar businesses seeing a decline, especially in the beauty space, it’s important for brands to adapt by converting to trackable, measurable and profitable social campaigns. Yes, we mentioned profitable (it can be done, we’ll prove it). There are many reasons you and your team should jump on social media advertising. But, where is a good place to start?

Well, that’s where Brandettes agency comes in! As your CPG social ads agency specialists, Brandettes agency works with you to thoughtfully and strategically develop marketing campaigns to evolve your social media ads through focused and engaging content. We can also help you optimize your product and landing pages to drive better and more effective conversion. We’ll work together to outline your ultimate CPG brand goals, capture your audience, and establish the ideal budget and tactical plans you need to drive true growth.

About Our CPG Social Ads Agency Process

Research + Strategy

An effective social ads + digital marketing strategy is everything. Brandettes CPG social ads agency works to understand your brand goals, visuals, and competitive marketing to develop a strategy that fits your brand and budget.

Ad Creation

We can help direct you towards effective content or eliminate the headaches by creating it for you. Our talented graphic designers, content creators and copywriters on our CPG social ads agency team create high-impact, targeted ads to generate excitement and sales.

Campaign Set Up

Brandettes CPG social ads agency will work with you to access the applicable platforms and manage all aspects of onboarding across multiple channels during the first month of our engagement. Then, the fun starts with the ad creative.

Tracking + Metrics

Accountability is key. As your designated CPG social ads agency, we set up performance tracking protocols and monitor regularly for conversion, adjusting strategies and tactics to drive max ROAS.

How does Brandettes’ CPG social ads agency integrate social platform ads and ecommerce?

Just as social ads have seen dramatic growth in these past few years, so have the nuances of successful ecommerce. The shift to online selling vs. retail continues to climb in numbers across food, beauty and all CPG categories. To adapt to such changes, Brandettes CPG social ads agency has learned the best ways to take a casual Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok scroller and transform them into a customer through effective landing pages. While capturing a potential consumer’s attention with an aesthetically pleasing ad is the first step, it is also important that you keep their attention by delivering value. This can be done in multiple ways. Amongst these strategies include interacting with customers on social media, encouraging users to post content with your CPG products or services, and influencer or affiliate marketing. 

However, these are just a few of the many social ad marketing strategies out there (the right plan needs to be customized for a given brand). To really learn how to increase traffic to your website and make sure your CPG product pages are driving trust and conversion, reach out to Brandettes CPG social ads agency today.

Through our comprehensive marketing and ecommerce capabilities, Brandettes CPG social ads agency will customize your campaigns to best promote your product or brand- whether you’re launching with zero awareness or building on a loyal following. We know that an authentic story and distinct identity will encourage your audience to relate, connect, trust and engage, further encouraging loyalty and constant clicks. 

During this process, we’ll also track the competition to better understand what your specific product category and lifestyle customer demands, lacks, and how we can highlight your uniqueness to maximize exposure (and sales) among all of the noise. That’s what makes our CPG social ads agency truly different from the rest- we dive deep.

Can Brandettes CPG social ads agency help me sell my products on social media platforms?

Great question! Yes. However, we know that each CPG product category and customer profile has different needs and desires. Thus, the best way to reach consumers is to create an integrated plan across the right channels and the right channel has everything to do with your CPG brand ethos. It often means switching up your delivery across platforms in order to see success with each of your campaigns and initiatives. We can help you do that and still stay on brand.

As a CPG social ads agency, Brandettes agency can help your brand make sense of social ads and how to market your new campaigns and products. We’ll take the bulk of the work out of your hands, doing all the competitor research, ad creation, and testing ourselves. We even create content and write copy. We’ll figure out what works best from a consumer- and CPG brand-perspective, manage approvals, and produce the campaign from A to Z. All that’s left to do is wait and see your traffic and sales increase like never before.

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Is there a strategy for using social platform ads?

Yes! Social media’s impact on ecommerce is continually growing, with more and more businesses using social media to market their products and reach a wider audience. While most sellers have not transitioned to selling goods completely on social media platforms, there are a few who have with great success. Whether you’re the former or the latter, Brandettes CPG social ads agency can help you integrate platforms so each is serving the other effectively.

While researching competitors and analyzing the success of different strategies are important, perfecting your content to match a platform’s algorithm is most essential. For example, Instagram prioritizes engagement (likes, comments) and number of interactions. Facebook, on the other hand, puts friends, engagement, and images above all. In fact, too many promotional posts on Facebook can be a detriment to your marketing success. Insights like this have been learned through years of experience.

Although this may sound tricky, especially if you’re new to marketing on social platforms, Brandettes’ team of agency experts are adept at advising, coaching and executing. As a CPG social ads agency, we are fluent in the algorithms of each major social media platform and know how to utilize marketing strategies for impact and effectiveness.

However, as we’ve notes, it’s important that your marketing content is personalized to your brand. Thus, as your designated CPG social ads agency, Brandettes agency will advise or create content to help establish a consistent voice that will align your ideal image to your carefully sought-out customer. We’ll work on messaging and, finally, we’ll refine tone to actively address current trends and changes in the market to make sure your image is fresh and never outdated. Voice is just one of the key areas we cover as a part of our comprehensive CPG social ads agency marketing services.

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Brandettes is a CPG social ads agency with 20+ years of experience serving consumer packaged goods brands. Whether you’re looking to set up shop, or have years of experience in the digital marketing game, Brandettes CPG agency is here to help you along the way. If you’re on the lookout for an ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd, contact Brandettes today.