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The Creativity Within COR Cellars

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The United States is the fourth-largest wine producing country in the world behind France, Italy and Spain. Each year, more than 806 million gallons of wine are produced, with more than 40 million gallons coming from the state of Washington alone. In Lyle, Washington, where the Klickitat river meets the Columbia river, known as the Columbia […]

Inside the Epic Sound & Style of Streetlight Cadence

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The full Streetlight Cadence experience washes over you within seconds of their first song. Joyful, creative, inventive, this is a brand, I mean band, that will stop you in your tracks. Hailing from Hawaii, Streetlight Cadence is a four member troupe that often sound like a supergroup of epic proportions, thanks to their musical vibrancy and powerful […]

Look Up w/Bandaloop- Vertical Dance Pioneers

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When floors, ceilings, walls and tradition were limiting, they looked up. Meet Bandaloop, a visionary company of artists that have pioneered vertical dance in the most unexpected locales. The company, led by Choreographer and Artistic Director, Amelia Rudolph, has brought their innovative and expressive art form to India, Italy, Singapore, China, Argentina and locations across the United […]

Raindrop Cake is Really A Thing

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Raindrop Cake, created by New Yorker Darren Wong, is as lovely to look at, as it is to devour. The cake, made with agar (a gelatin-like, algae derived ingredient), sugar and water, is meant to take on the flavors it accompanies. Like shave ice, or sticky rice, or pasta even. The cake was recently profiled […]

Achieving Greatness w/ Gondolas 4 All

Gondolas for all

Dreams really do come true. Last month the dream of gondolier Alessandro Dalla Pieta, Co-Founder of  Gondolas 4 All, became a reality as he saw the first wheelchair-bound rider use the automatic lift he designed to help mobility challenged individuals experience Venice’s gondolas. March 11, 2016 was a very special day, indeed. Gondolas 4 All’s maiden voyage using proprietary lift […]

The Making Of Miss India America

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Storytellers, really good ones, weave colorful threads of heart, sadness, discovery, joy, reflection and truth into narratives that are often times deeply personal. Filmmakers and artists, like Meera Simhan and Ravi Kapoor, are not only adept at crafting a story, but blessed with the ability to bring it to life with lively visuals and a […]

Community & Creativity w/ LISH Creative

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With over 400 million active monthly users, standing out amongst the thriving and often innovative Instagram community is not easy. Cutting through the noise takes a keen eye, clever positioning and a continually evolving creative style. Great brands, and the creatives behind them, know how to think forward while remaining on point. Much easier said […]

Rainy Days Are Fun Days @ Rainworks

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Sometimes we all need a little extra. A bit more love, a lot more inspiration and a second helping of kindness. That’s where Rainworks comes in. Based in Seattle (where it rains 155 days per year), Rainworks creates rain-activated positive messages and art that bring smiles to the Northwest, especially on rainy days. Like rainbows, […]

Dream Big, Dallas Clayton

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I spend a lot of time with Dallas Clayton. Not quite seven days a week, but I’m hangin’ with him at least a couple of weeknights, with an afternoon thrown in here or there. Clayton is author, illustrator and creator of The Awesome Book of Love, one of my son’s very favorite books to read […]

Get Over Yourself


Twyla Tharp, two-time Emmy Award-winning choreographer and Tony recipient, on creativity…