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Your Brand Story Is Not A Fairytale

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Today more than ever, brands earn trust through authenticity. It’s true. Weaving fantastical stories together to offer a false sense of promise is no longer customary in the world of marketing. Using specific hair pomade won’t get you the girl and cigarettes are definitely not doctor endorsed, as 1960’s advertising would have had you believe. […]

Perfecting PR: Interview with Karin Pellmann Communications

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Sometimes it’s hard to put a value on the importance of public relations.  But it can make or break you – countless celebrities and major brands have yet to recover from some serious blunders that resulted in PR nightmares. It happens every day. I had a chance to sit down with Karin Pellmann Unger, who knows a thing […]

Let’s Make a (Celebrity) Deal

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After living in Los Angeles for nearly 20 years, the novelty of meeting a celebrity has worn off.   But in the marketing world, establishing the right celebrity deal is still one of the most exciting things you can do for your brand. Recently I was asked to create and pitch a beauty concept for one of the world’s […]

Beauty and the Beast (a.k.a QVC)

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Once upon a time there was a stigma attached to QVC – a perception that QVC beauty products were not prestige. But then they began upping their style credibiitiy by featuring designer brands and celebrity spokespeople and the tables turned – everybody from Neutragena to Saint Laurent began fighting for air-time. Talk about a fairy tale […]

How to Succeed as an On-Air QVC Spokesperson

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It goes without saying that a dynamo spokesperson can be worth their weight in gold.  But as it is with everything, determining a good spokesperson can be subjective. The style that resonates with me won’t necessarily work for you.  So unless you are a known personality with credibility and a big following, there isn’t a […]

QVC – The Agony and the Ecstasy

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Let me begin by saying that I learned more about marketing and product development while working with QVC than at any other time in my career.  My QVC spokesperson experience began by developing skincare, nail color and cosmetic products for QVC-only brands.  I learned the ropes.  I saw what worked.  Then I had my big […]