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LXMI’s Impact Sourcing & the Future of Luxe Skincare

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LXMI, pronounced “luxe-me”, was created by founder Leila Janah out of a personal need for high-impact skincare that could compete with her on-the-go lifestyle and insatiable appetite for adventure. And then it became so much more. Janah, a serial entrepreneur and change agent is helping to reinvent the beauty industry’s supply chain for good. Her […]

Repurpose Compostables- 100% Plant Based and Pretty Stylish Too

icecream repurpose

As temps get hotter, we head outside. To the beach, to the pool and to the park for a picnic. Spending more time outside signals the arrival of summer, for sure. As we spend more time outdoors, we tend to consume more disposables- plastic cups, utensils and paper plates that help make cleanup easier. That is, for the […]

How Skinny & Co. Stands Out from the Coconut Oil Crowd

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I’ll admit, I’m a little obsessed. After decades of working in the beauty industry and having sampled the coolest, newest and most buzzed about skincare products on the market, my all-time favorite product might just be coconut oil. It does, just about, everything. Praised for it’s rich hydration and antimicrobial properties, coconut oil is perfect for moisturizing, removing […]

hello- Naturally Friendly Oral Care

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Friendly and oral care haven’t always gone hand in hand, until now. Enter the game-changing brand with a strong sense of fun, hello. Hello has taken a totally fresh approach to caring for our pearly whites via formula innovation, packaging excellence and a healthy sense of humor since 2013. The big four (Procter & Gamble […]

Justin’s- Behind the Brand with Justin Gold

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Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups are great. They’re really, really, really great. Coveted and purchased by the case …by more than a few people I know. The all-natural peanut butter cups are USDA-certified organic and use only high-quality Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa. The straightforward and pure ingredients make these and all Justin’s peanut butter cups and […]

Arctic Zero

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Now that spring is here and stores are replacing blazers with bikinis, those late night ice cream splurges don’t seem quite as appealing.  That is, unless you are indulging in Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts.  At a mere 150 – 300 calories per pint, you can polish off the entire container with zero guilt! Arctic […]