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Inside The Wrinkle Cream of Hair Care – Arey

Arey products

After 20+ years in consumer products, and beauty specifically, it takes a lot for us to do a double take. Brands, products and campaigns can all start to feel strangely similar, with surprises here and there, but still few and far between. Then we met Arey, and at first glance, our interest was piqued.   […]

Ethics and Innovation in Iceland

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We’ve seen a curious uptake in bloggers and media drawing inspiration from Europe’s westernmost country, Iceland. It’s a fascinating country, really, with a rich heritage and a population keen on continuing the fairytale-like folklore passed through generations. Iceland is one of the youngest landmasses on the planet, and home to some of the world’s most active […]

Fusion Jerky’s Brand Building

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As you can probably tell, Brandettes gets pretty darn excited about brands that upset the norm. Fusion Jerky fits that profile but certainly doesn’t fit in a box. Truth be told, it has very little in common with typical jerky really, other than the base protein. Traditional jerky is dry, hard to chew and comes […]

Indie Beauty Success Story- By Rosie Jane

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A friend’s recommendation is, by far, the most compelling motivator driving a new product or brand discovery for any consumer. Present company included. So, when talk at a recent lunch with a friend turned to her favorite indie beauty brand, I was all ears. By Rosie Jane is alluring for so many reasons, not the […]

Seven Sundays- Interview


I’ve always found it fascinating how brands are born. Some start from identifying a market needs, others from a me-too quest for success. But the really great brands, 99% of the time, are the blood, sweat, tears and soul-satisfying dream of an inspired founder. These brands start from a twinkle in the eye, an intuition, […]



I first spied BOOMCHICKAPOP’S bright, bold, party-ready package in the snack food aisle of my local Target. There they were- bright pink and aqua bags of deliciousness shouting in a sea of yawn-worthy chips, pretzels and popcorn. I loved that the calorie count was right there on the front of the bag; sugar content is […]

Bottle Rock

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I recently had my very first swig of whiskey and bourbon. I have no good reason as to why I waited so long; maybe I was always leery of “the burn”. But, this weekend, a petite tulip-shaped whiskey glass was handed to me and I crossed over to the other side. With my drink came […]

Doing It Differently w/ EOS

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Lip balm. That waxy, highly satisfying and oh-so-moisturizing substance we all slather on our lips from time to time has been around FOREVER. Well, at least since the 1880’s. I’ve got more than my fair share of them sliding around my purse, makeup bag and car glove box. When you need it, you need it […]