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Natural Products Packaging Design

Packaging your natural products in a brilliant design is your brand’s first impression to your consumer. It is a great way to capture your consumers’ attention and wow them from the start. Your natural products presentation creates an experience and overtime this can build value and trust that consumers will not forget. Whether it is […]

Natural Products Branding + Graphic Design

Branding gives your brand or business an identity beyond its products, it serves as a visual introduction when developing a relationship with your ideal audience. Truly great branding isn’t actually born, it’s crafted (by a great natural products startup branding agency, hint hint). The outward expression of the brand as it’s recognized in the market […]

Natural Products Complete Outsourced Marketing

Outsourced marketing is an ideal solution for brands needing to lighten their workload or bring in outside marketing expertise to help in areas of need. When trends and content strategies are constantly changing, outsourced marketing to a natural products brand management agency such as Brandettes, keeps the vibe fresh and lends a new and creative […]

Natural Products Influencer + Affiliate Campaigns

Influencer Marketing is one of the hottest forms of marketing today, and a fantastic way to get more eyes on your growing brand. It, partnered with a smart affiliate program, is a one-two marketing punch that can drive significant growth, a form of marketing that utilizes individuals with influence over your potential buyers. Brandettes’ natural […]

Natural Products Cross Channel Marketing

When all we’ve heard about lately is the importance of engaging on social media, it’s easy to get singularly focused. The fact is, most brands need to think bigger…much bigger. The importance of omnichannel or cross-channel marketing services cannot be understated. Your potential customers could be anywhere – and you need to be where they […]

Natural Products Copywriting + Naming

In today’s market, it is important to have a strong presence to reach your target audience. Natural products, including food, cosmetics, and other consumer goods, are becoming increasingly popular. What you say and how you say it will help capture your consumer’s attention with precise messaging. Having compelling content and a name that helps express […]

Natural Products Product Development

Developing natural products and bringing them to market can be complicated- make it easier through outsourcing. Brandettes is a natural products product development agency uniquely set up to seamlessly integrate with your team, bringing to life that big idea and surrounding you with the support to get it done. We take the time to understand […]

Natural Products Brand Strategy + Positioning

Brand positioning is the true heartbeat of a brand, it’s true core and reason for being. Brand positioning answers the question: What makes us different? It’s the foundation of what the brand stands for and who it serves- and how it truly stands out. Our natural products brand strategy consulting services develop brand positioning that […]

Natural Products Expo West


Last weekend The Brandettes took a trip south to Anaheim, California to attend the Natural Products Expo West…and what a trip it was! For 24 years, the show has been a showcase for all that is new and now in the world of natural products. From supplements to sweets, it’s got it all and then some. In […]

DANI Naturals

The All-Natural Lifestyle Brand Inspiring Joy DANI Naturals When one of the most celebrated indie beauty and lifestyle brands enlists you to become their complete outsourced marketing team, its cause for celebration. DANI Naturals is a natural and organic, woman-powered line taking the personal care and home scent market by storm. Their group, based in […]