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Outsourced marketing is an ideal solution for brands needing to lighten their workload or bring in outside marketing expertise to help in areas of need. When trends and content strategies are constantly changing, outsourced marketing to a natural products brand management agency such as Brandettes, keeps the vibe fresh and lends a new and creative perspective to the brand as a whole.

Outsourced marketing can also provide targeted support in the areas or segments you need it most. Expanding into a new category or distribution channel? We’ve got you. Need to support to help those areas grow, thrive and become profitable? We can help there too. Connecting all of the dots in a clever way is truly what we do best as a natural products brand management agency.

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Our Services Include

Marketing Strategy

Brandettes will work with you and your marketing needs and goals. We will craft a plan that is thorough, thoughtful and specialized just for you.

Calendar + Campaigns

Let our natural products brand management agency handle the timing and calendaring for your project. We will automate the process and keep your campaign on schedule.


We know that project budgets can be a big task, so Brandettes will ensure your project capital is allocated in the right areas. 


Project Management

As a natural products brand management agency, we’ll ensure to oversee your project from start to finish.

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Pre-launch startup?

Partnering with a natural products brand management agency like Brandettes will be beneficial in many ways. Having an in-house marketing team isn’t always feasible for most smaller businesses, especially with tight startup budgets. Onboarding Brandettes will save you time and resources as we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to light with our unique process. Our team of natural products brand management agency experts (aka the brand sherpas) help guide you through your launch to and build from there

Established brand ready to evolve?

Brandettes’ natural products brand management agency is committed to bringing you new and fresh ideas that are compelling and impactful. Our team of experts can help you strategize your next project to its full potential. We will work alongside you and your team to define your project goals and facilitate all the aspects of the work keeping you on track. Our entire natural products brand management agency is focused on providing headache-free outsourced marketing, integrating and collaborating wherever you need us most.

About Our Process

Research + Strategy

As a natural products brand management agency, Brandettes works to understand your goals and the competitive landscape to develop a strategy for an effective program


We will align project goals with a range of strategies to support your marketing efforts


While your marketing is outsourced to Brandettes, we will service as key contributors and leaders within your team


We deliver consistently great work, month after month, so you can focus on what you do best, leaving the marketing to us

“We have been lucky enough to have Brandettes as our guidepost for all things marketing for several years. In that time Nikola has provided great direction and leadership, bringing new ideas followed up with effective execution. Nikola is a seasoned executive that has helped create a clear framework for CLICS brand identity. I highly recommend Brandettes for strategic and tactical marketing support.”


What is complete outsourced marketing?

Outsourced marketing is just as it sounds – outsourcing your business marketing efforts to an outside party. Brandettes’ natural products brand management agency is essentially an outsourced marketing team that can work cohesively with your own in-house team. Depending on the size of your company it can also replace the need for an in-house marketing team entirely.

There is no limit to the kinds of projects and campaigns a natural products brand marketing agency can produce. No project is too big or too small. An outsourced marketing expert can bring a valuable perspective to your company that leads to fresh ideas and campaigns for brand growth. At Brandettes, we pride ourselves in helping you evolve your ideas to its fullest potential.

Why outsource your marketing to a natural products brand management agency?

There are many reasons brands outsource their marketing. One of the main reasons is cost and effectiveness. Using an outsourced natural products brand marketing agency team can cost less and deliver better return on investment (ROI), as outsourcing usually gives you access to a broader team of expertise. Outsourcing is also beneficial for brands looking to lean into more flexibility than a dedicated in-house group affords.. This makes it easier to manage and separate your marketing costs and it’s not a long-term commitment compared to hiring your own in-house team.
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When is it the right time to outsource your marketing?

You can always do the legwork yourself, so why outsource? Many brands find that it’s time to outsource to a natural products brand management agency when they want to achieve their goal in less time than doing the extensive work themselves. Sometimes spending money in an area that can accelerate your marketing efforts will help you pursue your marketing goals- and is money very well spent.

There are also instances where a brand will seek external guidance from a natural products brand management agency when their internal efforts are not meeting the expectations they’ve set for their product sales or campaigns. Marketing is constantly evolving, so finding the proper support from a natural products brand marketing agency can give you fresh ideas and new strategies to get you back on track.

If you’re exploring a new channel for your brand or an entirely new business initiative, it can be beneficial to outsource your marketing efforts to an experienced professional. You need the right tools and resources to make an impactful and successful marketing plan and a natural products brand management agency such as Brandettes is an ideal partner to help you make that happen. Brandettes offers a wide range of services, and we collaborate with a network of experienced experts to bring customized marketing services to our clients.

What is the process of using outsourced marketing?

The purpose of outsourced marketing is to support your client and help them achieve their business goals. With a brief discovery call, Brandettes will have a clear understanding of the goals and any challenges you’ve had achieving your objectives. Working side by side with our natural products brand management agency, we will collaboratively evaluate your business, your target market, and research the opportunities within your marketplace. We will strategize and present a customized marketing plan supporting your ambitions and will update the calendar regularly to be responsive to brand activities. You can also expect our team to manage (and track) your campaigns, so you focus on managing your business. We keep score and set up regular reviews to track metrics and adjusts plans accordingly.

Ready to hire your natural products brand management agency?

Brandettes offers a complete range of outsourced marketing services to meet all of your brand and product needs. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to meet our team, review your goals and get started.

Brandettes is a natural products brand management agency focused on consumer packaged goods brands (CPG), your ideal partner for making your food, beauty, natural product or lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd.