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My Brand: 15 Musings From This Marketer

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Brandettes was launched as a vehicle to connect, to bring creatives and brands together for a dose of unexpected inspiration. The entrepreneurs, CEOs, brand leaders and innovators we’ve been blessed to feature on Brandettes, continue to inspire me both personally and professionally. In many cases, these amazing individuals have also become friends. In the spirit of […]

Brand Whats???

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Brandettes, this adventurous collaboration between my partner, Christina Marcaccini, and I has been a long time in the making. About 15 years ago (can I pretend we too were 15?) a group of four girls bonded over good music, a love for beauty and their brand manager titles. We worked long hours, took long lunches and […]

Drake Knows, It’s All Just Noise

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Marketers start conversations. When we’re doing our jobs well, people are talking. Sometimes it’s substantive, other days it may be fluff, but continuous chatter is what we all strive for. Relevance equals importance- this branding quote from Drake brings it home. There will be days when I walk in an arena and people will cheer and then […]

Jessica Beattie of HACIENDA

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Developing a successful lifestyle brand is no small task. Mastering many diverse categories is tough for even the sharpest marketing minds. The biggest key to success is identifying a market niche and growing it organically in ways that stay true to the core brand. Holding true to a unique point of view is essential no […]

Limited Editions- Our 10 Favorite

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The Lilly Pulitzer for Target madness got us pretty excited about limited editions. Let’s face it, the Brandettes are pretty darn excited about special, get-it-while-you-can products year round. There’s something so deliciously appealing about these special product extensions- flavors, designs and new features that create a sense of buying urgency. We’re not the only ones buying. Limited […]

Creativity, Coolhaus Style


Coolhaus, the seven-year-old sweet treats brand founded by friends and uber-smart ladies Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, is known for its adventurous flavors. Fried Chicken and Waffles, Avocado Sriracha and (my favorite) Fig & Mascarpone, are staples on their inventive menu. These crazy creative ice cream flavors, coupled with ooey gooey, oh-so-delicious cookies, make for […]

3 Brands You Need To Check Out ASAP


The perfect brand, for me, is one that offers a whole lot of style with an equal dose of value. Every once in a while you find a brand that’s offering that up, but hasn’t seem to reach mass appeal quite yet. J. Crew used to be that brand for me, circa 2010, when most […]

Seven Sundays- Interview


I’ve always found it fascinating how brands are born. Some start from identifying a market needs, others from a me-too quest for success. But the really great brands, 99% of the time, are the blood, sweat, tears and soul-satisfying dream of an inspired founder. These brands start from a twinkle in the eye, an intuition, […]

Get Over Yourself


Twyla Tharp, two-time Emmy Award-winning choreographer and Tony recipient, on creativity…