White Hot Product Trend: Smoke

Smoke has slithered its way into the latest lifestyle product trend; from cosmetics to cocktails and confections, smoke is white hot. To fully embrace this…

Meet Douglas Little of Window Warriors

Visionary.  Tastemaker.  Creative Genius. Three terms used to describe an elite few and artist Douglas Little most certainly makes the cut.  I had the privilege…

Branding by Blood Type

At Brandettes, we are fascinated with the future and constantly working to incorporate developing trends into our brands. While there are always a lot…

foo fighters learn to fly

Foo Fighters’ Learn to Fly

Full disclaimer, this blogger is biased. My love for the Foo Fighters is far reaching, inclusive of albums, concerts and Foo Fighters Christmas logo wear….

marketing blog

Brand Whats???

Brandettes, this adventurous collaboration between my partner, Christina Marcaccini, and I has been a long time in the making. About 15 years ago (can…

dry product trend

Exploring the DRY trend

I’m challenged to a remember a time when descriptors like “hand-made”, “slow-churned” or even “artisan-crafted” didn’t matter in the world of consumer products. Popping…