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3 Favorite Brands: August

Everlane sleeveless feature

Direct to consumer brands are blooming big time. The refreshingly direct approach is clean, clear and focused in a sea of omni-channel brands that can often become cloudy. The three brands featured this month are major standouts, favorites for a whole host of reasons. The increased margin realized from direct to consumer distribution enables the […]

Inside the Splendid x DAMSEL Brand Partnership


There’s also a lot of noise today around Influencer Marketing and it’s easy to see why.  Bloggers and social media influencers have an extremely loyal audience, giving them the power to drive much higher engagement rates than traditional paid or owned media. We’ve seen collaborative hits and some misses, and then occasionally, all the elements […]

Don Ressler of Fabletics

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It’s official, yoga pants are taking over the world. Fueled by the booming health and wellness industry, analysts have projected that the U.S. athletic apparel market will rise by nearly 50 percent to more than $100 billion by 2020. These numbers reflect the fact that athleisure is now way beyond a clothing trend, it’s a […]

Inside The Brand w/ Jenna Habayeb of Splendid

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I remember my first experience in a Splendid store.   I was awed by how the brand perfectly captured the easy, laid-back, but effortlessly chic style that I loved so much about Los Angeles. Then I tried on a shirt and I was hooked.  For life.  I couldn’t wait to share the love when I had my […]

3 Healthy Ways to Improve Your Social Status

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Got some extra cash coming your way?  Trying to raise your social status?  Skip the new Chanel bag and invest in Pressed Juicery’s $780 month juice delivery (and post a photo on Instagram) instead. It’s official – wellness has become the new status symbol. It’s no secret that the health and wellness market is booming. Now […]